Badges awarded for editing posts and tag wikis. These are Editor, Tag Editor, Excavator, Organizer, Cleanup (bronze); Strunk & White, Research Assistant, Archaeologist (silver); and Copy Editor (gold).

The badges gained for making edits are part of the broader Moderation Badges - see the section in the badges FAQ page for more detailed information.

Use this tag to ask about the following badges:

  • Editor: awarded for editing one post
  • Strunk & White: awarded for editing 80 posts
  • Copy Editor: awarded for editing 500 posts
  • Excavator: awarded for editing one post which was inactive for at least six months
  • Archaeologist: awarded for editing 100 posts which were inactive for at least six months
  • Tag Editor: awarded for making one tag wiki edit
  • Research Assistant: awarded for making 50 tag wiki edits
  • Organizer: awarded for changing the tags on a question
  • Cleanup: awarded for performing a rollback on a post

For other badges related to editing, use the following tags:

  • - for the family of badges awarded for editing and answering one or more questions within 12 hours
  • - for the Proofreader badge, awarded for reviewing 100 suggested edits