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You can strikethrough with the HTML tag <s> and the close tag </s>. Like so <s>Like so</s> In chat this effect can be achieved with --- ---Like so--- Don't use it too often, though; it doesn't look very good.


Well, its a preview's lower case issue between (Meanwhile, stack has been inserted into many Stack Exchange image URLs, somehow making the original URLs rot away.)


support status-completed This has been fixed. Might be me missing something but how do I add an image via link to upload to imgur? There used to be an option for that but I can't tell anymore.


feature-request When on the insert hyperlink/image tab you should be able to swap to a different tab if wanted, currently you have to cancel and then select another tab.


feature-request The orange highlight colour looks out of place on all sites which use another primary colour. This should adapt to the individual sites. For example on TeX.SE the terrible colour clash could be avoided by using rgb(191, 76, 81) to highlight the icons. For all who are also tired of waiting for this bug to be fixed, a userscript for self-...


YOU's excellent work and the OP's detailed screenshots made it pretty easy to get to the bottom of this: You'll note in the screenshot (the one that Daniel censored away) that the image definition is pretty broken; you see something like ![![![bla][3]][ etc. This utterly wrong markdown causes the creation of unbalanced HTML tags, so the tag balancer kicks ...


multiple paragraphs (broken with newlines) Insert a blank line after the list item and before the start of your secondary paragraph. Make sure to indent the line with at least one space to ensure that it is indented as part of the list. Markdown: 1. Option one Second paragraph 2. Option two Second paragraph Preview: Option one Second ...


No. 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌


feature-request Could you adjust this so that clicking the body of your post makes the recently opened menu close? Currently, it's just disabled. Oddly, I find myself dismissing an insert link or insert image prompt quite often (just how I work, I often think I should add a link or image, click add link, go to lookup a link, find it doesn't fit well, ...


feature-request status-declined How about converting arrow pointer to hand pointer in the drag and drop area in new design also? In the old design, when pointer hover around the area of drag and drop, pointer arrow used to get converted into hand: In new design pointer arrow remains as it is. Besides due to dim/grey color of drag and drop area and smaller ...


The tags are there, they're just being aligned way to the left for some reason... That left: -378.5px looks very suspicious.


Possible bug Normally, when you "Discard" a saved draft, it clears the answer text. However, when you "Discard" a saved draft when the inline image uploader (or hyperlink box) is open and then "Cancel" the image uploader, the discarded answer text reappears. The "draft" is still discarded in both cases, except that closing the image uploader repopulates ...


No, seriously. Having colors would enable people to abuse them. Of course, we also have a possibility for people to abuse headlines or subscripts, but colors can be very distracting if not used correctly. In order to highlight stuff, we already have boldface and emphasized text. If you can't make clear what the error is, for example, you probably need to ...


bug status-completed The clickable area is smaller than the grey box: Bit of a small issue, but in my first try in using it I clicked too far to the edge, and nothing happened.


WMD's issues with the Command key (⌘) on Mac browsers: ⌘B should and does: bold selected text ⌘G should: find next instead: display "Insert image" dialog ⌘H should: hide browser app instead: creates a heading ⌘I should and does: italicize selected text ⌘K should and does: indent selected text ⌘L should: ...


I don't see any value such a feature would give except for adding complexity and the potential for rather horrific looking questions.


What I think SO needs is: A button next to the button on the editor toolbar. Clicking the button would insert: <!-- language: x --> The caret would be automatically placed where the x is above, and a JS-driven Intellisense-style dropdown list would populate with some choices, something like this: Typing lang-c would present: My 2Β’.


You can also use <strike>striking text</strike>. It's more typing but it works! striking text


I'll sketch an example of how I think an initial version of this feature could work. For the areas I'm interested in, pretty much every journal is indexed in PubMed, this would cover the whole life sciences, biology, medicine and chemistry. My idea would be to add a way to automatically generate a citation from a DOI or a Pubmed ID. Those two identifiers ...


support On my iPhone, when I click the 'Insert hyperlink' button, I see the screen scrolling a bit, but in the end, the place where I want to type something is not visible (see below). Sometimes it's worse, and the entire Body text area is hidden behind the keyboard. I'd expect the 'https://' textbox and the buttons to scroll into view immediately. Here is ...


I would like to give an example of a question where colours are used. I think if used cautiously, colours can help to underline the content of a text very effectively. Of course, the opposite can happen as well; but to me the risk should not be too big.


I can't claim to be an authority on this subject, but the editor tag wiki has the following to say. This editor is open source. On the server it is MarkdownSharp: On the client it is PageDown:


No. Very much no. The Tab key's behavior is very well-defined in a browser: It tabs you out of the editor box. Going with your feature request would mean killing functionality that everybody expects from their browser. This is not going to happen. I have created a user script offering the kind of functionality you want (check it out if you're a user script ...


As ChrisF said, the problem is the underscore. _ is a control character, and control characters might behave differently from what you expect. Just escape the underscore (\_) and it will work: *unique\_names* results in unique_names


I think this would be bad for two reasons: Some companies block Twitter, so any information embedded in a Tweet would be inaccessible to many users for a significant portion of the time. Any information in a Tweet can be easily copied into a question or answer with a link for reference.


I'm not generally a fan of box text selection, but I can see how it might occasionally be useful in the context of Stack Overflow. Still, I think it would probably be more trouble than it's worth. I anticipate people getting confused over the fact that there are two ways to select text, especially if/when they try to use one and end up using the other. We'...


Fixed now, sorry it took so long. We're currently working on making our CSS more maintainable, but during work like that, ten years1 of technical front-end debt sometimes come back to bite you in the rear. 1 Yes, Stack Overflow is coming up on its tenth anniversary this year!


Edit: Indentation buttons are now available as a user-script on Stack Apps. I maded my own buttons now. Currently they reside in my bookmarks toolbar: And they link somewhere nice, the left one for example: javascript:var%20tb%20=%20document.getElementById("wmd-input");... In Firefox and Chrome (the only ones I tested) you can just bookmark scripts, ...


I suspect this behavior was introduced with the recent change to validate minimum length after first stripping markup. That's correct, the maximum length check was accidentally changed to be based on the converted and stripped version as well. Since the maximum length is still enforced on the Markdown source, but the validation happened on the converted/...


In general I would suggest pasting in code copied from your actual development environment and then using the { } button rather than typing code into the Stack Overflow editor whenever you need more than about two lines. That way you are posting the same code that you tested. For this reason I consider suggestions that make it easier to type a lot of code ...

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