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Word is placed on a new line even if there's enough space on the old line

We (the team maintaining the Stacks Editor) decided to mark this issue as status-declined because it is likely a regression introduced in the latest versions of WebKit. This behavior is reproducible ...
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Ctrl+Z undoes twice in editor

Cross-site duplicating the answer of Stack Overflow Meta Double revert when pressing Ctrl+Z after pasting in an answer field. Pasting something is a forgotten step so that two steps get reverted: ...
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3 votes

Some JavaScript seems to not work: Can't ask questions and new editor not loading

As noted on, Safari 16 is not supported. At this time we have no plans to resume supporting Safari 16.
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1 vote

Could the <kbd> tag be added to the editing help?

Assuming you are referring to this Help page, it is currently mentioned: Inline HTML If you need to do something that Markdown can't handle, use HTML. Note that we only support a very strict subset ...
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