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It's just a simplification, just like 2000 (or 20000) reputation doesn't let you edit locked posts. Or that you only need 100 reputation to freely edit Community Wiki posts. Or the fact that you actually need reputation, 10 to be precise, to answer protected questions. If it's a good edit and the site has a reasonably active review community, there's not ...


The question is how can I stop someone from making massive changes to a question which I feel are at odds with the original? Basically you can't prevent the changes to happen. Well, there is the concept of locking. And right there, it talks about "edit wars" (what is basically what you experience on small scale). But you as "ordinary" user can not lock ...


This resurfaced again here: GIS-SE - Answer to XY points not displaying – now deleted after this discussion. I want to point out another issue with these kind of edits, and more importantly encouraging them, besides the fact that it contradicts with the community's purpose which is asking/answering on-topic posts and not translating them. When ...


According to the criteria for breaking the grace period, specifically these two bullets: A comment has been added to the post after the previous revision by anyone other than the editor. An answer has been added to the post after the previous revision Note that while there is an explicit check for the same user when it comes to comments, there is ...


Put the word you want to link in square brackets and the actual link in parentheses. Like this: [Here]( is a link. This is the result of the above code: Here is a link.


I partially agree with M--'s answer on this. If it's a question, don't translate it and close it as unclear. If the OP doesn't know how to speak English, they won't be able to read the answers or respond to requests for clarification. If it's an answer and something simple like what M-- mentioned ("Try this"), then that's OK. But that's not a quality ...


There is now a "follow" feature, which can be used on the close-voter/down-voter side to follow a question and get notified about edits to it. It's not quite what was suggested here, but it's probably the best workaround for now.


If anyone is experiencing this error then try any of the following: Reupload, re-set the image Format the body section (this worked for me when I removed unnecessary spaces) If the error persists, answer without the image and upon editing the error disappears.

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