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Such a complicated search practically begs for a SEDE query. Since comments can be deleted, I've made that part optional. Here is a list of questions you edited containing the word 'code': Note that SEDE is updated once a week, on Sunday morning. If you want to experiment, fork the query, before or after you've read the awesome tutorial.


I asked a bad question. After many comments from other users and many edits on my part, it is now a good question. That is awesome! That is exactly why comments are for and is exactly why anyone, including the original poster can edit posts. However, the comments are littered with corrections to older versions. Both the question and each comment have ...


Such a mechanism already exists. From Kyle Cronin's answer to Can I view the Markdown-source of an unedited question/answer?: It's possible, but it's not exposed in the UI. What you need to do is isolate the post number (I'm using this post, 1690, as an example) and go to this url:{post-id}/revisions ...


At the time of the writing of this answer, that post is 12th in the list of "active" posts in angular, given that 11 other posts have had activity since your edit. If you're sorting by some other metric, such as newest, then it's probably not going to be near the top.

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