There was a bug in the success path for the signup form - it was not displaying the correct page. This has been corrected - after a successful signup, you will get a confirmation page telling you to check your email.


Did you edit your profile elsewhere on the network? The verification email from 2013 was sent to another email address. Your user history on Area 51 basically looks like this: James Donnelly -> User has verified their email address xxxxx@mydomain.com 1 hour ago (0 rep) James Donnelly -> User is emailed 'Verify Email' 2 hours ago [...] James Donnelly -...


Looks like it was a bug on our end, but it's been fixed. Luckily for you we only verify e-mails for our own piece of mind. It won't keep you from using our site in any way. Just in case I sent you a new verification e-mail which should work. Good luck!


I checked our email backend. According to SendGrid, the email was relayed and delivered to your address successfully. Can you check for any emails from do-not-reply@stackoverflow.email? I'm not sure there's much more we can do given that it left our system successfully!


Well, you are already subscribed to the tag with a confirmed email address. When we see that (and given you have not changed anything in your subscription), we don't send a confirmation email (after all, the email address is confirmed, as is that specific tag subscription).


My apologies. The Hey web app was delivering everything from do-not-reply@stackoverflow.email into The Feed (a separate inbox) - I think this happened because I chose to have the Stack Overflow newsletter delivered into the feed. The unintended side effect is that since account emails as well as the newsletter are delivered from the same email address (as ...

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