Use this tag for questions involving the expiration of bounties.

If a user wants to get more attention to a question, they can offer some of their own reputation as a bounty.

The bounty lasts 7 days, with an additional 24-hour grace period. During this time, the user can award the bounty to an answer they find deserving. It is possible to offer a bounty for the explicit purpose of rewarding an existing answer.

After the grace period expires, if the user who offered it did not award it manually, all or half of it will be awarded automatically to existing answers posted during the bounty period that fit certain criteria. If there are no answers fitting the criteria, the bounty is simply lost. The user who offered the bounty always loses the reputation as it is deducted upfront when starting the bounty.

This tag is for questions that involve the expiration of bounties, including questions about the grace period.

The Help Center also has a section about bounties.

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