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Why doesn't the community hardly ever use other channels of communication?

Twitter Driven Development only works if you are April Wensel [1] [2] or have 20K+ followers or your views align with views of SE management. Yes, I posted few tweets now and then, not that I ...
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Why doesn't the community hardly ever use other channels of communication?

Because, when the community tried to tweet to Sara Chipps, she took pleasure in the fact she could just block people. Sure - you can argue it's about trolls, or what not, but when you're in the ...
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37 votes

A claim in the Facebook Ad for Teams is not factually correct

I appreciate you bringing this typo to our attention! We certainly don't want to mislead people in our advertisements! We've made the request to update this text but I can't make any guarantees about ...
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Why doesn't the community hardly ever use other channels of communication?

Because the community is gathered here; you'll maybe find a few fellow users on said social media channels, but nowhere near as many as here. When I voice a concern here, I'm certain it's viewed by ...
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Why doesn't the community hardly ever use other channels of communication?

I can only speak for myself, but I dislike social media intensely. I have a Twitter account, and use it sparingly from time to time, but it feels like all of social media is trying to drag me into the ...
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Why doesn't the community hardly ever use other channels of communication?

The term TDD is mostly just a joke with a bit of underlying truth behind it. As long as the company somewhat agrees with the opinions of its users, the "usual" channels work as intended. Things like ...
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Remove Share to Twitter and Facebook-link

I think it ought to be less about the merits of their sites, and the people who manage or mismanage them, and more about utility That said, having poked at how things work now... copy/pasting the link ...
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11 votes

What is the role of here and why should it be loaded?

Those are from users' avatars, taken directly from Facebook. When a user logs in using Facebook, Stack Exchange is taking their profile picture from Facebook, as-is. I agree it's terrible and would ...
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7 votes

SO contacts Facebook server, what consequences if I block it?

I might not have found all occurrences of Facebook URL usages, but from my short investigation it seems that requests to Facebook are only made to load the profile pictures of people who created their ...
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6 votes

Facebook avatars are broken

Your picture is back. The pictures of other users that had the same problem are back too. So, this is solved. The problem happened because your picture came from facebook and there was a problem in ...
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4 votes

Adding Facebook credentials won't stick

The problem was you already had a very, very old network account using that email address, and it had an active profile. Since you're a moderator somewhere, the merge process which ...
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4 votes

I cannot log in to Stack Overflow

I contacted the SO support. After providing some info, they helped me to merge my old and new account. I can now use my new credentials to access the original account.
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Why doesn't the community hardly ever use other channels of communication?

...what are your specific reasons to not use such "alternative" ways to express your concerns? For starters, Twitter and Facebook are both blocked in China. Twitter, in particular, is not to my ...
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2 votes

Hats are placed in the top left screen corner if user icon (e.g. from facebook) is blocked from loading

Not sure I'd count that as a bug at all - you are not using the site with a supported configuration, so you have broken something. My opinion would be that if you want to have all the features work ...
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Default profile picture from Facebook is being displayed, instead of Facebook picture if a user joined before Stack using Facebook API v2+

Adding status-deferred for now. While this is a confirmed issue, there isn't a clear path forward to resolve this, given the feasibility of working with Facebook on a problem like this. I've added ...
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Unable to login to Stack Overflow app with Facebook login

After reading the comment written by Shadow Wizard, I have managed to access the Stack Exchange app with little hassle as the option to login with Facebook was available. My account as registered ...
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