Jon Skeet strikes again! Jon and other members of the "two comma club" had reputation that was showing up as 1.2m in some places and 1235k in others. This issue is now fixed across all sites and should use the 1.2m format anywhere that the reputation is shown like this: I'll see you again at 1 billion!


That's where bounties are for. One of the stock reasons for posting a bounty: Reward existing answer One or more of the answers is exemplary and worthy of an additional bounty.


'Suggested edit queue is full' always means there are too many pending edits in the review queue. There's nothing users can do about this (with one minor exception - if you have between 2k and 20k reputation, you can help reviewing suggested edits, which decreases the queue size, in order to suggest an edit to a tag wiki or tag excerpt yourself). The ...


This is in fact awkward, but I think a better solution would be, instead of having a search box that requires you to already know which community you want to hide to simply show all visible communities and allow them to be selected from the convenient list that already exists and allows multiple communities to be easily hidden by clicking the "hide"...


Combine downvoting with following a post. Also think about commenting to actively support improvements and later your ability to review, especially if there are lots of posts you follow and reactions are delayed. (It's not the perfect match but it's close to the feature you are asking for.)


This feature can easily be abused to inaccurately boost the display quality of posts. I mean, if it were like you suggested where users can upvote a post once a year, 10 years = 10 upvotes... per voter, a score that is considered high even for a 10 year old post. I think, if you don't feel that a bounty is worth rewarding on a post that helped you multiple ...


This has been implemented. Now, rejected edit and approved edit are used where suggested edit was before used.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible