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Proposals for new features on the Stack Exchange network, or requests for a change to an existing feature.

You have an idea for a new feature to be added, or for a change in existing functionality. Great!

Be sure you have thoroughly searched that the feature you are thinking of has not already been proposed.

If no proposal exists, then make sure your proposal is in the form of a question focused on the problem or functional purpose that is driving your perceived need or desire for the new feature, and not focused on what you believe may be the solution for the new feature itself (your solution is better made as an answer to your question). So give as much detail and context as possible on the background situation that caused you to bring a feature request and make sure it is formulated to justify why the new feature is needed and/or how it can improve the community. Basically, prove to the administration that they should spend time developing your feature.

is one of the four possible mandatory tags; the other mandatory tag options are , and .

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