As an avid user of a site in a similar situation that is not seven years old, I'm very pleased to see this. I do not share the worries expressed in other answers here that similar but younger sites may find this bad in some ways. I too think that the 10 QPD criterion isn't a good one. Retrocomputing is exceeding all other current criteria, sometimes by a ...


When will the reputation criteria for privileges on these sites be updated? For example, I can still vote to close questions on the no-longer-beta Writing, despite the fact that I don't have the amount of reputation there that would normally be required on a graduated site (3,000). Is this something that will catch up to the status change—and, if so, when?


discussion It's a bit odd to see the Windows Phone site graduating. Microsoft discontinued Windows Mobile in 2017 and official support is ending in four months (December 2019). Is the future for Windows Phone guaranteed? Why graduate a site for a discontinued product?


That's great! It didn't make sense to have well-established sites with stable policies, an established community and sustained activity carry the label “beta”. You haven't found the perfect formula to decide when a site comes out of beta, ok, but that doesn't mean you should do nothing: an imperfect approximation is a lot better than doing nothing. However, ...


A question I expected you to add (to the usual three) that you didn't: does Nicolas read all four of those languages? Russian yes, but also the others? If not, how do you overcome the language challenges when working to support those communities?


feature-request Can we have these sites added to the footer list of SE sites? This was one of the prerogatives of graduated sites and does seem like an easy thing to do :)


Wonderful, but... If there are no elections, There is no unique design, They have no community migration pathes, The privilege reputation levels are like on the betas, then may I ask you, exactly what differentiates these sites from a beta?


discussion I figure I might as well ask about the elephant in the room: Is 7 years the magic number for Beta removal? Politics.SE, for instance, is 6 years, 8 months old and still Beta. Is graduation now automatic at 7 (which we hit in 4 months), or is this just a one-off "Let's do something about Beta!" event that might happen again in 6-8 weeks?


These 29 sites are no longer labelled as Beta sites due to having completed 7 years, without meeting the current graduation criteria, and presumably without being required to meet any future graduation criteria. This is great for those sites, and I congratulate them on their many years of striving towards the goal of graduating! However, some of the ...


Even though I'm happy for those sites, I have a mixed feelings on this. SE had metrics for beta sites to graduate. This sites have been doing their best to fit them. And now you just said: "Forget it, it doesn't matter. Just 7 years...". I'm sure you had a lot discussion with team... For me it looks like you don’t know what to do with beta sites, they ...


So as @MrLister asked in the comments of the main posting, does this mean these sites will be able to have their own identifying icons?


The arguments are: The sites didn't met the required conditions for departure from beta. The sites were existing for 7 years which is a long time. Best case scenario: An extra rule is added. Future sites will depart from beta if they are available for minimum 7 years. Worst case scenario: An exception is made. Now the previous rules do apply or not? It ...


I have been thinking about it ever since the time Unicorn Meta Zoo interviews have started; is it okay if we do video interviews instead?


The removal of the beta label for these sites is a good thing, and I see no downside. I love the idea of graduation being a series of gradual steps rather than a single huge event that therefore gets put off indefinitely. I would like to see the new process omit the beta stage for all sites, so any site that survives private beta loses the beta label ...

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