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Does every SE site have different guidelines for "questionable content"?

Generally, jumping into an unfamiliar chatroom and going on a flagging spree is considered unreasonable behavior. Of course, you can and should raise a flag if you see something that shocks the ...
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Are there some public statistics on how long it takes to process flags on each SE site?

There are no public statistics; posts like 2021: a year in moderation contain related statistics but not flag handling time. Shog9 posted a graph once: How long does it take on average for moderator ...
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What should I do if I want to find out more information as to why an answer was deleted by a moderator?

The reasoning behind a moderator action may be questioned on a site's meta, as explained in the help center page on moderators. You can't comment on deleted posts, and raising flags is unhelpful for ...
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It's (sometimes) possible to cast another flag on a question you have a pending VLQ flag on

This was tested and no longer appears to be an issue. I've updated the status to completed.
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Dealing with self-answers where the OP admits that the problem was elsewhere

As far as I'm aware the "too localized" close reason mentioned in the answer preceding this one no longer exists. If the problem was elsewhere, and that "elsewhere" is completely ...
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