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According to a Stack Overflow moderator, their account has been suspended on Stack Overflow. That means they're not allowed to post on (Meta) Stack Overflow, and migrating the question might even fail. I'm not sure about the timeline between your flag and that comment, but whenever I see somebody posting about a removed account, I consider that scenario as a ...


Quite simply... There's not much an SO mod can do about a deleted account. You would need staff to take a look. While they can clarify, account deletions are probably something that needs to be handled delicately SO mods were aware from the comments - so migrating it wouldn't help visibility. As such MSE mod intervention wasn't needed, and I'm unsure what ...


This appears to have been a temporary issue that occurred between March 7 and March 11 of this year. There aren't any obvious culprits in the code repo so maybe something weird happened in the database? I'm showing that 47 answers were affected on SO at that time, and typically zero or 1 on other sites I checked.


This could help when reviewing your flags to know for the future which comments should be flagged and which shouldn't. Yes, this is a good reason to implement this feature request, so +1 from me. However, you can already see which comment it is (unless it was deleted for another reason than your flag): try to flag it and you'll see whether you've cast a ...

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