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The path for getting rid of a bad tag is to edit it and remove it from posts so that the system deletes it after 24 hours. That means that the better option (assuming the tag only appears 1-2 times) is to just edit the post it appears on (or suggest an edit and leave an explanation for why the tag should be removed) and remove it. If the tag is being used on ...


But a lot of users might find this useful, and I don't see any downside to this. Well then, since several people have tried to explain the downsides to you in comments, allow me to put those downsides in an answer, so those downsides won't be hidden when the comments collapse, and everyone (not just you) can easily see them. But there are very good ...


Are roll backs supposed to invalidate flags? What is the expected behavior? I don't think they should. Reasoning - consider the following scenario. Question/Answer contains a spam link or someone edits an existing post and adds some spammy bits and it gets flagged (good). Someone edits to remove the spam link (bad - not supposed to do that as its ...


This has been implemented now:

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