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How do I flag a post that is not a question?

Well - I think you mean those questions that are not obviously questions. In the context of meta sites, especially main meta, we sometimes need to do things differently. Each of the posts you're ...
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Are wrong answers non-answers?

If you think that answer is not useful then you should downvote it. If you do not want to lose a point of reputation in order to help the site then you could just comment about the quality of the ...
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How do I flag a post that is not a question?

Remember that if you ever see a post that you think is not useful, then there is a way that you can notify the community of your perspective, which is by downvoting. I do not think that any of the ...
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Make the moderator flag comment max length longer

With the increased character limit, the flags will be even bigger walls of text. It would be useful to at least have the ability to format the text with newlines. This will let us make paragraphs and ...
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Appropriate measures for repeatedly posting the same content across the network

General comments on cross-posting Different sites have different policies on cross-posting. Is cross-posting a question on multiple Stack Exchange sites permitted if the question is on-topic for each ...
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