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This was caused by a race condition. Two users happened to cast a sixth spam flag on the post at exactly the same time, which caused the system to process all the resulting actions twice for the post because neither process knew anything about the other process already running.


You're right, it must have been a manual flag. Note that after 7 days it's not possible to mark a post as 'Very Low Quality', so we even know that somebody must have cast a 'Not an Answer' flag; both flags feed the same review queue. Question: am I right to believe that all very old posts in the "Low Quality Posts" queue are there because of a flag, or ...


Assuming I haven't totally messed this up, I worked it out: Site Qf Af Cf #Qs ratio ---- Tridion 5 17 2 434 0.055 Mathematica 95 434 131 10381 0.064 Mathematics 2498 3394 7829 206635 0.066 Emacs 22 198 27 3380 0.073 CiviCRM 17 155 3 2064 ...


A half-decent workaround for this would be to add a feed of the activity on this question to your moderator chatroom. The appropriate RSS link can be found just under the Hot Network Questions list in the sidebar:


The best course of action is still to use a custom moderator flag. Even if there are no appointed/elected ♦ moderators yet, Community Managers (in the recent past, this was usually Robert Cartaino's job) will keep an eye on the flag queue. If it's really urgent and one of them is available in the new site's main chatroom, I guess you could ping them to ...

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