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Post flagged for moderator attention is missing

It seems that I should blame caching as the flag indicator disappeared after a few minutes
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What happens if I flag posts as "trash"?

You think you're being funny. Nice try. See, Stack Exchange thought about people like you: As it turns out, "trash" isn't a long enough reason to raise a flag at the system-level. So... ...
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Should any flag on an eventually-deleted post be marked as helpful, even if it was declined by a moderator?

No. Different flags are used for different purposes, and have different effects within the system. For instance, spam flags carry heavy reputation penalties and contribute to spam-blocking systems ...
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Why was my flag to close a question declined even though the question was closed for that reason?

As a moderator, I would have chosen a different rejection reason: Using standard flags helps us prioritize problems and resolve them faster. Please familiarize yourself with the list of standard ...
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NLN flag description should have an Oxford comma

And so it is done :) For some time translations may be missing - changing the text (adding a comma) means that the text needs to be translated again.
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Why does deleting my own question tell me that I have flagged it as "spam or offensive content"?

You can't flag your own post except for moderator attention. This is because of another user's flag. This is what happens when there's even a single spam or rude flag that hasn't been cleared on a ...
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Can we have the ability to flag for reopening?

Posting this answer in response to a duplicate of this suggestion asked today. The duplicate points out some reasons that are relevant today, such as a user without close voting privileges being ...

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