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Flagging on Area 51 requires 50 reputation, not 15 as on all other sites in the network. Area 51's privilege levels are very different from other sites in the network because it's an old codebase and reputation gains are different as well. Since you gain +50 reputation by confirming your email address, it's rather easy to obtain this privilege and be able ...


I just checked your Stack Overflow account. You have never had 15 reputation there, or if you once did, it was from something that doesn't show up in the audit (e.g. an upvote that was revoked before the lock-in period expired). You have 13 rep now. Get one good suggested edit and you are good to raise flags!


The new flag dashboard includes an [edited] label which is shown when the post is edited after the flag has been cast, so this seems to be status-completed.


This might or might not have been introduced with the new flag dashboard, but it clearly says 'spam' now, not just a red indicator:


This feature has been introduced with the new flag dashboard; the flag bar shows [question owner] or [answer owner] when appropriate:


So, just to get it out of the way. No, flags requesting to feature things will almost always be declined. If memory serves - The featured tag on MSO is something the moderators have been given the freedom to set. That said, we're not MSO. We have somewhat different goals and audiences. I'm not even sure why folks assume flagging for a featured tag is a ...


On any other site, featuring a question on meta features it on that site (only). Moderators can and do use the "featured" tag locally to highlight things that are important to their communities. Here on Meta, featuring a question features that question on every site on the network. We don't have the option to just feature something on this site like other ...


There's no such list, but will a little bit of JavaScript it's possible to generate this list yourself. You'll need to visit the Marshal badge page (on the target site), open the browser console and execute the code below. Sometimes, a little patience is required (generating this list with 2910 top flaggers on Stack Overflow took about 15 minutes), but the ...


Here's a list with all users with at least 500 helpful flags on Meta Stack Exchange as of today (August 26th, 2019). To update this list, follow the instructions here, and please do not bump this post too often. Flags are important but not that important, and it's not a competition. PeterJ, 3761 helpful flags greg-449, 2660 helpful flags bummi, 1938 helpful ...


2., 3. and 4. are the standard responses when ♦ moderators decline your post flag. They can opt to write a custom message, too. 1. can happen in multiple cases; it's the standard for a declined comment flag (♦ moderators just dismiss those if they don't agree, without an option to leave a response). This also happens when you cast a close flag ...


On here, the current leader would appear to be PeterJ with 3760 helpful flags. He even has more than the Smoke Detector spam bot. Peter is the only person with more than 3000 helpful flags so he's some way out in front. To determine this, I simply went through the profiles of everyone who has the marshal badge. Stack Overflow has 2.9K marshals so it would ...

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