This appears to be due to a Stack Overflow redesign that has not been officially announced on Meta yet, despite having been rolled out. It seems to be similar to the Meta Stack Overflow redesign that was rolled out about two months ago, and the reason why your fonts are smaller is likely due to your use of a higher resolution display, which this redesign ...


You may have changed the font size by mistake when browsing Stack Overflow. You should be able to reset it (Ctrl + 0 normally does the trick).


It's not teeny-tiny. The font size is actually only 1px smaller here than it was on the old meta site. The big difference you're seeing is that the title is no longer bold, which removes a lot of weight from the text that didn't need to be there. This is very much intentional. Quite a while ago, they made a change to Stack Overflow to remove the bold from ...


Stack Overflow, as the first site on the network, always had sans-serif, I think. It's pretty common for websites. Sans-serif is essentially the default for Stack Exchange sites. The math site did not start out with serifs. This changed when the site got a design because Jin, the designer at the time, "believe[d] the serif typeface on the header and ...


Some sites decided that serif fonts were more appropriate for their subject, so they have our serif font stack rather than the default sans serif stack. There's more information on this answer about our fonts but I haven't checked whether the exceptions are still correct (I don't think they are).


I cannot reproduce this anymore with the latest version of the android app on that question. I'm assuming status-completed


An accidental zoom out by Ctrl+Scrollwheel is a more reasonable cause for this problem. Chrome remembers the zoom level on a per-domain basis (I've *.google.com always 1 step zoomed out as the default font size is fairly large on there). You can indeed reset the zoom by Ctrl+0.

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