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Why do stack sites use different fonts?

Stack Overflow, as the first site on the network, always had sans-serif, I think. It's pretty common for websites. Sans-serif is essentially the default for Stack Exchange sites. The math site did ...
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Why do stack sites use different fonts?

Some sites decided that serif fonts were more appropriate for their subject, so they have our serif font stack rather than the default sans serif stack. There's more information on this answer about ...
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Some fonts are way too small to be used on the responsive design on Chrome for a regular Android phone

For some of those pages (the question list and question page), the reason that the text may look small is because you have the Desktop site setting turned on in chrome. See the following screenshot. ...
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Badge count font size is way too small on beta sites

All the sites now have the same font size, it seems, whether they're in beta or are graduated. So this is now fixed.
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