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We already have keyboard shortcuts for most actions on post, voting, flagging/moderating, editing, etc. and the shortcut is already enabled for post edition. Seems easy to just allow post submission, no? Also, it's annoying to reach for the mouse just to submit your answer :(


tab+enter already works; why have another shortcut for it?


In the tag editor or title editor you can just hit enter to submit your question (without any ctrls).


I do understand why comments do not have the bigger formatting options that Questions and answers have... Good... ...but could we PLEASE at least keep line breaks in them for readability? ...then you didn't understand it. If you need new lines in comments, you're doing something wrong, or the poster which you're responding to did something wrong. ...


There is a stack app which can be used to emulate this functionality: Disable enter for submitting comments It disables the auto-submit, and can be extended to toggle the behavior of the enter key.


Wasn't a soft hyphen? A soft hyphen is just a normal hyphen which isn't visually marked on the page (meant to allow a word to be broken in this place, similar to a <wbr>). In order to force it to remain one word, they need to use a non-breaking hyphen U+2011 (or &#8209; for the entity). Also, a <wbr> wouldn't do anything. That only specifies ...


Turns out removing the line of code that defines submitButton breaks code that uses submitButton. Sorry for the trouble; this should now be fixed.


Have you been on Facebook recently? They adopted the system where enter autosubmits a comment and shift+enter adds a new line. And I've seen no complaints since the feature has been added, which is a miracle knowing the Facebook community's typical dislike of their updates. See this recent answer of mine (no shameless self-advertising here, move along). ...

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