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The timeline view for a question should include links to the answers

Long time coming for this one! We've just pushed a change that adds the "Added" verb to answers in the timeline, and it now links to the answer. Bonus feature: if you have permissions to see ...
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Links in nomination flag descriptions aren't colored unlike for Q&A's

Thanks for reporting this issue! This should be fixed now.
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Change status blog address to https://www.stackstatus.net/ in the offline for maintenance page

The link is now fixed. app offline oh no!?! what's the network status now? oh nice! link works now!
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What is a reliable way to search for URLs containing tilde?

I don't have a perfect answer, but I do have an answer that often works. Just split up the URL: url:python.net url:goodger This could create false positives. How likely that is depends on the exact ...
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Enable clicking on [Share] to automatically copy link to clipboard

No. That is a bad idea. Personally, many times I browse Stack Exchange sites while at work, and in the middle of doing stuff, which might also include copy&paste of work-related things. I do not ...
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