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It seems to me like the user was manually typing in Markdown on their smartphone, and it decided to, well, make corrections. As an Android (Google Keyboard) user, I can tell you that when typing in Markdown for links, it wants to automatically put a space between the description's ending ] and the URL's beginning (. Also, it has a tendency to "correct" ...


I don't think this is really a bug. It's more of a showcase that "you can never truly delete what has been on the Internet", so status-bydesign. Even if a question is deleted from a Stack Exchange site, it might still be available via the Wayback Machine which not only stores its title but its entire content, including answers. Also, users with access to ...


Yes, it exists; instead of me, use current. Example: and it remembers query parameters, e.g. this link works too: The only exception is the 'Edit profile & settings' page which has a slightly different syntax:


First of all, thanks for fixing the link. Not everybody on the Internet knows of the existing of the Wayback Machine, so this is definitely useful. Incidentally, this is why Stack Exchange answers (and questions) may never depend on an external link; those might be useful for further reference but the essence of the answer should be in the post itself. See ...


You generally should use the specific commit revision if you are referring to a specific commit or something that might change in the future. I have seen many links to Github that were made obsolete and useless because of an update. Checking the date something was posted and looking for the specific commit from that date wastes a lot of time.


One of the comments asked about clarification on why this should be implemented. SE already has direct links to questions, answers, and comments, but after that, navigation gets fuzzy. For small posts, this isn't a problem. It's easy to scroll down and find the relevant chunks of information. However, for the bigger ones, where there's lots of text, it's ...

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