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Well, its a preview's lower case issue between (Meanwhile, stack has been inserted into many Stack Exchange image URLs, somehow making the original URLs rot away.)


Images embedded in your post are already displayed to be 640 pixels wide on the regular site, or 90% on the mobile site, to fit the page layout. If that's not enough, or if you want to reduce the download file size too, you have a couple options: Use the HTML syntax for embedding images, which allows for height and width parameters. The scaling is done by ...


YOU's excellent work and the OP's detailed screenshots made it pretty easy to get to the bottom of this: You'll note in the screenshot (the one that Daniel censored away) that the image definition is pretty broken; you see something like ![![![bla][3]][ etc. This utterly wrong markdown causes the creation of unbalanced HTML tags, so the tag balancer kicks ...


Creating screenshots If you have enough reputation, you can embed images into questions and answers. This covers how to create a screenshot suitable for uploading. For how to upload a screenshot, see How to upload an image to a post? General Tips Use a plain background Ideally, you want a plain white background so your screenshot is as simple as ...


We engaged in a 1 year agreement to formally support imgur, which also involved us getting a dedicated server on premises with them a custom domain name All our images should be accessible from both forms of the URL now, either or .. such as: and Please note ...


First, we are using Amazon S3, underneath Imgur. What do we get? A clean/easy API yes, but they handle virus scanning, image re-sizing (profile images, etc.), backups (we also back our Imgur-hosted images up nightly), and they're large enough to be at a better price overall due to the deals they get with their host, CDN, etc. It works - and it works well,...


The maximum length of a post, question or answer, on Stack Overflow is 30,000 characters. This includes markdown and any other formatting. The limit on the question title is 150 characters. I don't believe there are any upper limits on the number of links and images. I challenge you to make a post so heavy on links and images that we're tempted to add some. ...


The alt (alternative) attribute is used when the image fails to load, or for user agents that can't display images (screen readers, very old mobile browsers, etc.) According to the HTML5 specifications, The most general rule to consider when writing alternative text is the following: the intent is that replacing every image with the text of its alt ...


Nice work on finally bringing HTTPS support in! I want to note something on point 4 (emphasis mine): Rebake remaining posts with HTTP images, so that images linking to HTTP addresses will become links - most of those are dead anyway. If most of those links are dead anyway, why not go through the hassle once and check if they are actually dead or not. If ...


Since I think I count as the "powers-that-be": Imgur's "normal" terms of service do not apply to pictures you upload through Stack Exchange. As far as rights go, your deal is with us, and is subject to our terms of service, privacy policy, and cc-wiki content license. That means that the images you upload are covered under our "attribution required" ...


Yes, just add an s, m or l (lowercase) at the end of the imgur link before the ".png". For example, the image can be made: Small: Medium: Large:


I completely support banning ImageShack images in new posts. The fact that it's an unreliable image host would be reason enough in itself, but the replacement of images by ads just adds insult to injury. If implemented in the same way as most content bans on SE, this would presumably mean that trying to post a question or an answer containing an image ...


Embed the wheel of blame on the page so we know whose fault it is (some minor adjustments to the blame list might be in order).


While Jeff makes a compelling argument that this isn't a particularly urgent usability bug, I question the rationale of declining it altogether. It shouldn't be that hard to write an if statement and a couple of unit tests to fix the problem during some developer down-time... The reason I think this is a significant problem is because it actively interferes ...


If you are using the Stack Overflow imgur service (clicking the little icon for adding an image in the toolbar), you can just append a s or m at the end of the URL. You could link to the full-size image if you want, too.


I suggest you ask that they carve out a hole for in the firewall. It's too bad, because this is a pretty funny picture.


While you can’t directly upload an SVG image, if you can host it somewhere else, you can still display it in your post using HTML like <img src=""/> (note - you need to use https:// for this to work). For example, take this US map here from Wikimedia Commons See this post for other examples of what you can do.


1. Is this behavior expected? Expected as in "You should do this" – obviously not. Expected as in "we know it's possible" – yes. 2. Does it not matter to Stack Exchange and Imgur? It's pretty much impossible to prevent this 100%, at least up front. However, hijacking our Imgur account poses a risk for the uploader: If they use ...


Another problem with this kind of post is that it is entirely unsearchable. As you say, it appears to be a crop from an image/screen grab, and as such not been attributed to the source either. I say delete with extreme prejudice.


When I upload an image via the little button on the Stack Exchange form, there's no indication that I'm doing anything but uploading my image to Stack Exchange. Therefore I expect that it is included in the normal content agreement here — namely, that it becomes Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (CC BY SA). It doesn't matter if SE has some backend ...


We have a backup job, yes. Rebecca wrote a backup program that runs daily IIRC, specifically backing up imgur just in case anything ever happens.


A few days ago (February 2011), a new image upload is being tested on Meta, adding support for paste and drag-and-drop: However, this does not support direct paste or drag-and-drop into the edit page; one first needs to click the "Image" button (Ctrl+G) to show the upload dialog. In June 2015, this new dialog was implemented:


We examined this issue and decided that on most sites, the restriction is doing more harm than good. The restriction has therefore simply been removed on all sites except Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Ask Ubuntu and Super User. We may revisit this list if we notice, or the moderators inform us of, unexpected issues. The default for newly created sites is ...


Stack Exchange supports image uploading by using an external service (imgur) which does not support vector images. You'll need to convert your SVG into a raster format (PNG is probably the best choice for most vector images, but JPG, GIF, and even BMP are supported) before uploading them to the provided service. Stack Exchange is not interested in building ...


I have edited this post and uploaded the image to our image provider. I have also blocked via our blacklist for now to prevent any future issues.


status-completed Something that will be awesome for me is clicking CTRL+V inside the editor while there is an image in the clipboard, and that would automagically open the uploader and paste the image in there. This will save me so many clicks... :)

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