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Today's inappropriate ad: Playboy model on Biology

Every time you post one of these, I think: The Twitter/HNQ incident around this time last year was caused by the question title, "How to approach a friend about his girlfriend asking to sleep with me?...
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Inappropriate ad: online gambling on Music SE

Now that you mention it, I just realized something. Our network accept users as young as 13 years old if I remember correctly. So, that would mean that we are serving online casinos ads, fake "snake-...
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Stop with the Sex Ads on SE sites, ESPECIALLY sites like "The Workplace"

Thanks for reporting this. This will be removed from our sites immediately. Additionally, we are working really hard to block all inappropriate ads and provide you with reporting and ad customization ...
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Today's (possibly) inappropriate ad: possible stem cell scam on Biology

Very High probability that it's a scam. https://swissmedica.startstemcells.com is the one linked to in Googeladds URL. The domain registration runs out on 6th of December this year: Registrar URL: ...
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Yet another inappropriate, scammy and NSFW ad

Yuck. This isn't really my area, so I don't personally have an update regarding the ad project (hopefully one is forthcoming), but I wanted to at least pass on what I've seen elsewhere to answer your ...
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Remove Shell company's advertisements?

The display of an advertisement is not—nor should it be taken to imply—endorsement of the company or product that is being advertised. If you dislike Shell's policies, by all means, refuse to do ...
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Inappropriate "Ads by WGX" ad on Academia and History

The example ad you've posted says "Ads by WGX". Those seem to caused by a well known kind of malware. A quick Google search for "WGX spam ads" found several sites providing instructions on how to ...
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Today's (possibly) inappropriate ad: possible stem cell scam on Biology

Take these as you wish: In Switzerland, investigations led in recent months by the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products (Swissmedic) led to authorities to ban two clinics, Med Cell Europe and ...
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Inappropriate dating ad on The Workplace

Thanks for reporting the ad. It is now blocked from our network. Additionally, it goes against our ad policy.
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Today's inappropriate ad: Playboy model on Biology

Thank you for flagging this, we have removed the ad.
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Today​'s inappropriate ad: "obesity antidote discovered" on SFF

Thank you for reporting. We can't flag these ads as "rude or abusive" so you have to blame SE for their ads quality degradation. During your patient waiting for SE to handle this, we recommend handy ...
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Please give us an easy way to flag inappropriate ads

Welcome to the Report this ad feature! The post is not yet marked status-completed, but this comment by the OP says it was released network-wide. Here's what happens when you report an ad: All ...
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Inappropriate ad: online gambling on Music SE

First off, ads are not related to the site you are visiting so it will show any type of ads in every website. Terry had already mentioned they are: working really hard to block all inappropriate ...
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