This should be fixed now. I had reversed the logic in a ternary. Thank you for finding it!


Allowing folks who've learned to edit on one site to do so with less friction on other sites is a really good idea. That said, the big show-stopper here is the lack of editing guidance on the inline editor. In particular, site-specific items such as MathJax help would never be seen by folks who garnered sufficient reputation on a site without them, if the ...


This will be fixed in the next build. No need to thank us for this super-speedy fix!


I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that this has been the case for a very long time so long as you had inline editing privileges. The good news is that I'm pushing a fix to this for us inline editors. Should be live in rev 2014.4.4.2136 on meta and 2014.4.4.1527 elsewhere.


Yeah - there was an issue with the postId not being found by some JavaScript. I have rectified the issue and the heart will keep on beating, for FireFox and other browsers, starting in the next build.


There is actually no check for the reputation level in the inline editor, so I made a simple script which allows you to edit inline regardless of reputation (doesn't even require to be logged in), which I already posted on Stack Apps. // ==UserScript== // @name Always Edit Inline // @version 1.0 // @description Adds an ability to lauch inline ...


Fix is going out with build rev 2014.1.12.2812 on meta and 2014.12.1.2056 on sites.

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