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Yesterday, while logged in via IE I could upvote comments, posts, and questions. This morning, that functionality is gone. Are they REMOVING functionality? Is S.E./S.O. Inc. actively changing the codebase in a way designed specifically to cause issues with a browser they don't support, or is it a side-effect of some other change? I am not using this ...


Yes! I share your pain due to work IT policies. A good example of how this can be done is Github, which has a similar message with a helpful "Ignore" button. This is a great compromise:


To state it: IE 11 is still supported by the Manufacturer until 2025. The EOL is in 2025. The same date that Windows 10 support will be dropped from Microsoft. I don’t contest the support drop from SE, but any argument that it’s because it’s no longer supported by the manufacturer are not the real fact.


IE is still widely used, especially in enterprise environments. One might be actually forced to use it. In this case, the banner becomes only a nuisance, because you just can't switch browsers as you'd wish. I don't think anyone needs to be actually reminded everytime that IE is bad and there are better solutions; it's perfectly possible they would really ...


I don't believe that it's a good idea letting users to dismiss that reminder. They might easily forget about they've done that, and later come here to complain about features not working. For you, it won't hinder you to work with the SE sites as long you're only use features that still are supported with IE. Thus I don't think the efforts to realize your ...


None specifically, yet. It's more a culmination of features that have been added over time that have been building up a lot of IE-specific clutter in our CSS and JavaScript and blocking other specific features that we simply cannot build while still supporting IE. For example, you might have seen this pull request pop up on Stacks recently. We also could not ...


As of early November 2019, support for IE 11 has been dropped from SE's official compatibility matrix. Edge is still supported, though I guess in 6-8 weeks I might ask about Edge (EdgeHTML) support in the era of everything being blink-based... if I'm feeling cheeky.

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