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Is it time to stop taking restrictive actions based on the user's IPv4 address?

First, thank you for your well-researched, well-reasoned initiation for this discussion. I agree that IPv4 is not particularly reliable as a way to identify a person; at best it's akin to guessing ...
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How many days does an IP address ban last?

Depends on the abuse. Could be days, could be indefinite. I am being completely serious. The "too many requests" tends to be a few minutes, so most people should be fine if they wait for 5-...
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Bypassing the rate limiting from multiple users at the same IP address

According to the rate-limiting guide the rate limit is not imposed if you have more than 125 reputation. So the best thing for you to do is contribute positively to the community, either by ...
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Stack Exchange network sites’ IP addresses may change in the coming weeks

While we don't expect any downtime or technical issues... Such optimism! We sincerely wish you well, but everyone who has been around technology for more than a few minutes knows that such optimism, ...
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Can other users see your IP Address?

Here's a list of who can see what in your profile Other than moderators (and people working for SE) - no one can. Moderators have to agree to a moderator agreement, and have their viewing of IP ...
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How long do IP bans on IP pools last?

A quick clarification, there are two types of IP bans that we use: a rate limit and a block. IP addresses very rarely end up fully blocked, and it takes an excessive amount of abuse from an IP in ...
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Accessing Stack Exchange API behind a firewall - are there IP address ranges to whitelist?

If possible, you can set up an HTTP / TLS reverse proxy in a DMZ, configure domain (hostname) whitelist on that proxy (e.g. sniproxy or HAProxy) and then resolve api.stackexchange.com onto that proxy. ...
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