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15 votes

Posts disappear briefly then reload when I click them

The below suggested changes are now live, the bug is fixed The bug, as expected, is in stackoverflow\content\js\realtime-se.js (included in the full.en.js bundle). Specifically, the problem is in ...
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12 votes

Posts disappear briefly then reload when I click them

Happens to me as well. JB Nizet reported it on MSO and it happens with questions, too. Apparently rene figured out how to replicate it and posted the steps in a comment: Load any question page, ...
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12 votes

Front Page Not Updating For All Site

This is a real bug in SE's code This is, in fact, a bug in SE's code. The function StackExchange.tagPreferences.isIgnored(tags) is called as StackExchange.tagPreferences.isIgnored(post.tags) within ...
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10 votes

Loading posts in real time is broken in some cases due to a breaking change in the format data is returned

This has been fixed. This was a bug that came up during some modulification. You all are exactly right. There was a mismatch in what was being sent vs. what was expected. The original change caught it ...
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8 votes

Incorrect new answers notification

This has been fixed (probably a long time ago), it now says "1 new answer to this question".
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7 votes

The new post modification notification constantly messes up editing

This is really starting to annoy me. Not only forces it to reload when you are editing, throwing away everything you have, it also breaks normal functionality, like voting to close, flagging, etc. If ...
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6 votes

Notifications are not reloaded until a page is reloaded

This is fixed now Open your inbox Notification arrives Close inbox - refreshed!
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5 votes

Winter Bash notifications do not live refresh

I'll start off by saying that our top bar has changed, code-wise, over the past year or so. There is a strong possibility that the snowflake worked this way at same point but for the life of us, we ...
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4 votes

Why are one's own changes excluded from auto-update?

I think that this may have been due to a fix for this bug a while back. Basically, right after the realtime feed feature was implemented, there was a bug where when you made an edit, that same page ...
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4 votes

New Activity bar in search page stopped appearing on all community sites

For those who experience this problem in the future and none of the steps in the question work: Contact your internet provider and provide all information regarding the StackOverflow website. After I ...
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4 votes

Loading posts in real time is broken in some cases due to a breaking change in the format data is returned

AS OF 2022-03-30 THE ISSUE SEEMS TO BE FIXED BY STACK EXCHANGE THE USERSCRIPT IS NOT NEEDED ANY MORE. IT CAN BE SAFELY UNINSTALLED. Makyen's fix does not work for me. I suspect there was an update ...
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4 votes

Receiving incorrect WebSocket message "this post is locked - no more edits are allowed" when editing a post on which comments are disabled

This is fixed both for edits and for posting new answers on a comment-locked question. Thanks for the report!
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3 votes

So nice, we said it twice: "User is a new contributor. Be nice, and check out our Code of Conduct."

This was fixed in January 9th 2024, with the following explanation by Senior Software Developer marrados: When closing the dialog, we were making the template (the top one) visible. This way, when ...
3 votes

What stats are refreshed automatically, other than post score?

From personal observations, this is the list of "live" information in posts: Score (posts only, not comments, instant) Time stamps: (rate of refresh: one minute) asked/answered edited comments ...
2 votes

Pluralization bug in "show more comments" and "load new answers" button

Can't reproduce:
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2 votes

Smarter Notifications

A page refresh does not necessarily indicate that somebody has seen, specifically, things on that page that produced notifications. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. On a question with half a dozen ...
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2 votes

Possible regression: Question's duplicate status disappears when refreshing an edited answer

Was finally able to reproduce reliably and fix it. With you in the next build.
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2 votes

Two accepted answers

As commented by @Oded: The accept status is not live-refreshed. What happened here is a rather rare race. Not really worth fixing. Accepting two answers marked as solved suggests that the ...
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1 vote

Notify instantly when a currently viewed post is deleted

This has been implemented for a while now. When a post is deleted, everyone viewing it will instantly get such a banner: The post itself is behind the banner, inaccessible, and comments can't be ...

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