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I'm with Adam Rackis on this one (+1 btw), only you need to try a bit more:


The meta section is about improving stackoverflow and making it better, and that could be represented in the logo. If the logo starts off as a sketch and is improved along the way, ending in a more "finished" state, like the real logo. I'm not an expert at drawing but here's an example:


Congrats you've been given a mod hat. And that logo is the diamond. It's a mod-only hat for election winners.


The build mitigation in place we had (to not remove the old files) didn't stick correctly in the production build, and a robocopy mirror wiped them out - a fix to the pathing is rolling out now. I'm building out now to resolve the favicons and /jobs issues - we're taking a look at the chat issue as well.


I actually managed to screw this up in a new and exciting way as we moved favicon generation around. Due to caching on dev, we missed it. It was a grep for favicon.less, but turns out our base .less includes it via: @import "favicons/favicons", which didn't show up in my grep of "places to fix". A fix is building out now.


The bug is cause by the logo being too wide. The #hlogo a has width 150px. Setting it to 151px fixes it. For real! But let's be fair. Who cares?


While I wouldn't suggest that parody goes as far as vandalism, Jeff seems to have indicated that "vandalizing the logo" is fair use: I really don't think you need permission to use the logo in a blog posting about the site. Do you need permission from Wal-Mart to write a blog entry about them and use their logo illustrating it? Even if you vandalize the ...


The name of the site is Stack Overflow. That name is stylized as stackoverflow in the logo because the person designing the picture included some text formatted a certain way. You can see similar treatments of logos for products, titles, and sites all over the world. For example: Heroku displays its name lowercase in its logo, but clearly uses an ordinary ...


Where is the math behind this logo? What about this logo? Don't even get me started about the kerning on this logo: My point is that while certain current companies may rely heavily on math to ensure the success of their logos, there are plenty of older logos that relied on the ability of the artist to create something that has a lasting impression. ...


We responded to your inquiry via email as well, but to close the loop on this question: SO Inc is fine with (and pleasantly amused by) this parody.


What about unicorn? :)


So here's the deal. Our image path code sucks. It's bad. It's no one's fault, it's just the result of years of special cases and new use cases that never got a full rewrite of love they need. I know this code pretty well and still spent today git reverting my changes getting nowhere. This is such a great example of tech debt it's ridiculous. Ultimately, we ...


The icon is a subtle purple. It just happens to sit right in front of the full moon. Think of it as the Stack Exchange version of this:


As it is said in the bible of art school, it has to do with the original perspective. They who would taste the forbidden fruit of standing by the highway as a man named Doppler ran past them a few times screaming his fire engine lungs out. Between "Stack" and "Overflow" there is a space, which, if you turn the logo around you will notice. Think of it like ...


We don't accept bug reports that pertain to our walls, unless you happen to be in one of our offices and actually see a bug on a wall. At that point, you're welcome to ask if said bug belongs to anyone (we all love pets) and if not, help it find a new lease on life outside.


The current answers are trying a bit too hard. I think we should keep the original logo, but add some freehand!


I mean...I don't even...okay. It's fixed.


I think it's unfair that 3D Printing gets to stamp their icon all over everyone else's stuff, and no one else does. I vote that Stack Exchange should create a phantom site called 1 Stack Exchange, which exists only on favicon lists, and which randomly selects an SE site every week to have as its favicon. That way if the favicon / HNQ symbol / top-bar ...


Needs more freehand circles!


We do not object to your individual use of the logo in a personal and private manner. Like, say for using the logo on a tee shirt you plan to wear yourself.* If I'd asked our lawyers**, they'd probably want me to say that we do not grant others permission to use our logo in commerce. (That means no selling them. No using the shirt to convince others that ...


The blue ones with white text (occasionally another grapheme but usually text) are beta sites. Nearly all beta sites use the same site style. Coffee and 3D Printing are beta sites. When a site graduates, one of the designers on staff will work with input from the community to develop a complete custom design for that site, including the icon. The other ...


Deferred until such a time when space shuttle launches are not awesome.


In techy environments, it's things such as this which pros notice, and from which propose improvements to a group, which in turn make the web and internets a better place. We all strive for improvement, and your question is quite an interesting observation (I presume you're into graphics.. or just too much time to spare :P) While some may say "so what", I ...


Within the Trademark Guidance, probably not: Promoting your own Account Do feel free to use your profile "Flair" to reference or link to your user account. Use of unaltered logos in the context of displaying the entire content of User Flair is generally okay. Do use the same guidelines as "Advertising" when promoting your own account. ...


Because it's ancient. Jin actually mentioned this to me after a call the other day. We'll be fixing this as well as several other style fix ups in the next few weeks. We're just waiting on some server hardware to arrive in Oregon so we can move SEDE back out there and get it back on speedy hardware. Possibly before that, we'll have the homepage and other ...


I definitely agree that this is a huge issue. I propose standardizing the font used in the logo for Maximum Professionalism™: This will fix all logo-related problems. As suggested by Gabriele Petronella I failed to live up to the standards of professionalism in logo design that all designers must strive for. I present you Maximum Professionalism²™: Yes ...


If you really want them now, here's a Stack Snippet to get all the logos: var b = document.body, img = function(url) { var im = new Image(); im.src = url; return im; }; = '#EEE'; $.getJSON('!2*nS3FBXoeGaelFRjgff6', function(sites) { for (var i = 0; i < sites....

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