I use the trick to add a <!> in between: Blockquote A Blockquote B


For chat markdown, click on the help button located at the bottom of every chat room. It seems to be a more complete version than included in the faq#formatting link.


Well, they don't on my iPhone. Proof: You can disable this automatic conversion via the Settings app → General → Keyboards and make sure the setting "Smart Punctuation" is switched off. It is smart, but not meant for programmers. Alternatively, use HTML; <hr/> works as well:


Something like below I added &nbsp; in between. Blockquote A   Blockquote B


<br> also work. Blockquote A Blockquote B


The official "Editing Help" for "Advanced Lists - Indenting" is limited but you can use these tricks: At least four spaces count as one space, on a gray background, or Five spaces, Six spaces & Seven spaces, Five again, if you don't care about background color over precision.   If you want bullets: first level A - no space in front the ...


Testing leading spaces: false false ` false` <code> false</code> Without custom CSS: 😢

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