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Testing Rollbacks Just a test answer to get my hands on rollbacks. Edit 1111 Edit 2222


Paste the table result of this. It shows like this :-) +-----------------------------------+------------+--------+ | Col1 | Col2 | NumCol | +-----------------------------------+------------+--------+ | Value 1 | Value 2 | 123 | | This is a row with ...


If you really think that blob of HTML is 100% needed and useful for the experts to have, include it in a code-snippet. <html style="font-family: 'Times New Roman';"><head><style type="text/css">table, th, td {border: 1px solid black;} table{border-collapse: collapse;}</style></head><body style="margin-top:4.5em; margin-...


Besides the missing linebreaks there seems to be no problem with the mere length so far. Is it possible to fold a big chunk of text in a question? No, there's no such feature in the markdown editor. I'd recommend to load it in a decent text editor, having a HTML pretty print feature, use that and then copy / paste the text, and code format it for ...


Do you need the entire HTML text to be in your question? This is one of the tenets of MCVE - notably, the M. Use as little code as possible that still produces the same problem If you can reproduce the same problem with a tenth of the file, then use that, but try your hardest not to include too much.


Very good! Fantastic! Very good! Fantastic! Very good! Fantastic!frefferfgerger


Thank you for noticing the error. I edited the article. Now the phrase formatted as a quote, not as a code.


testing answering on stack overflow via my proxy...


Not sure if this qualifies as an answer, but I think you should not care too much about this, because you can't completely prevent these kind of things happening. Perfecting your posts is commendable, but in this case your energy might be better spent elsewhere, e.g. finding and writing an answer to another question. For a real-life example, this very ...


To prevent the word-break In questions and answers, I would sometimes like to keep it together, to avoid this to the string [![:print:]] happening Use a &#8205; between all characters, which is a Zero-width joiner In questions and answers, I would sometimes like to keep it together, to avoid this to the string ‍[‍!‍[‍:&#...


If you're talking about quotes, you use a > in front of it: This generally signifies a quote of some kind. You also have >!, which does a hidden quote, or spoiler (move your mouse over to reveal text): In the future, if you ever wonder how to do something, you can always click the "Edit" and see the markup of how something is composed. Or, you can ...


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