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I noticed that a lot of prior requests are being tagged status-declined on the grounds that they're not part of the current Q1 roadmap. Once the roadmap's timeline is over, will such requests be automatically considered for future timelines, or will new reconsideration requests have to be filed for those requests in order for them to be considered? If so, ...


I'm rather concerned about this use of the status-declined tag, as it implies a finality that I do not believe was intended but which will definitely be read. From the tag wiki (emphasis mine): A feature request or bug report is considered declined if the report is reviewed and the site developers disagree that the feature should be implemented or the bug ...


This sounds good, so we now have some feedback which things may get addressed at some point, and which likely won't. However, I noticed that there are currently more than 180 status-deferred questions, many of them quite old. Do you also plan to do a ticket smash for those? ;)


This might prove useful....


We should make it a synonym of users-page As you note, they refer to the same page, but having them both be usable when tagging questions provides a convenient, intuitive synonym for anyone trying to tag a question relating to "the user list" that will result in the correct users-page tag being applied when they do so.


A bug report I posted just received an answer by @JonChan♦ in the ongoing ticket smash, marking the bug status-deferred for the time being. As I posted other open bug reports that may receive answers by staff, I want to ask if it's better that we mark the answers as accepted for now?


Per the positive consensus of this request, I've been spending the last couple of weeks removing the tag from questions which use it, and replacing it with the more specific tags I pointed out wherever applicable. There was one locked merge stub using the tag, which I flagged for moderators to remove, and they did so. The tag has now been purged from the ...

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