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Looks like this had approval for awhile, so I went ahead and removed this tag from the 6 questions (4 of which are dupe-closed) that had it. I'm sorry to say, but I made no friends in the process. It was a rather lonely process, actually. This is now status-completed.


We haven't removed that button from main sites. You don't have the Edit privilege on Stack Overflow, so you can't access the Low Quality review queue and therefore don't see the button, but users who meet the rep threshold for that (usually 2000 rep; 1000 on sites still in public beta) do:


According to a Stack Overflow moderator, their account has been suspended on Stack Overflow. That means they're not allowed to post on (Meta) Stack Overflow, and migrating the question might even fail. I'm not sure about the timeline between your flag and that comment, but whenever I see somebody posting about a removed account, I consider that scenario as a ...


Quite simply... There's not much an SO mod can do about a deleted account. You would need staff to take a look. While they can clarify, account deletions are probably something that needs to be handled delicately SO mods were aware from the comments - so migrating it wouldn't help visibility. As such MSE mod intervention wasn't needed, and I'm unsure what ...


This request has had approval for almost a year despite the tag previously only having 9 questions. There were only 4 instances (1, 2, 3, 4) of this tag remaining. With the help of Luuklag, the tag has been removed from all of them. Question numbers 1 and 2 needed some more definitive tags, which Luuklag handled. groups has been burninated, this is now ...

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