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Seems like a classic meta tag of the unwelcome on meta sort. I'd say give it a week or so, see if anyone has any great reasons to keep it, and fire up the reaper :)


but it cannot be ported for metaSE Yes, it's possible. Just typing 'meta' in the site switcher isn't enough, since there are so many sites with 'meta' in their name. But 'meta sta' suffices: Even if that didn't work, there's another trick: the site the query runs on is included in the URL. So if you have


One of the benefits of having all three of these tags is that, per the deleted-questions tag usage guidance: You can also use this tag along with [specific-question] and [meta] to ask why a specific question on Meta Stack Exchange was deleted. The same goes for deleted-answers, though its tag wiki does not reflect it at the moment. It's useful to have ...

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