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Should question scores count toward tag-badges on Meta sites?

I'm not necessarily opposed to this idea, but here are some thoughts, too long to fit in a comment: IMHO it should exclude support questions; those are most comparable to main-site questions, in that ...
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The [messages] this tag sends are ambiguous

This tag no longer exists; the burnination is complete. Many jobs questions were closed as off-topic in the process due to being bumped.
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Should this question, which reports a bug that has the same root cause as another bug but manifests in a different place, be closed as a duplicate?

You're absolutely right. That report should've been left open. Had Shadow not used his gold badge to reopen it, I'd have voted to reopen as well. It's quite clear to me that the root causes of these ...
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Should the [registration] and [sign-up] tags be merged, and if so, what should be the canonical tag?

I'm very much in favor of merging the two, and keeping sign-up as the main tag. I'll add another argument to your existing argument of most questions, and a tag description: The official verbiage ...
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How do I flag a post that is not a question?

Remember that if you ever see a post that you think is not useful, then there is a way that you can notify the community of your perspective, which is by downvoting. I do not think that any of the ...
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How do I flag a post that is not a question?

Well - I think you mean those questions that are not obviously questions. In the context of meta sites, especially main meta, we sometimes need to do things differently. Each of the posts you're ...
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