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7 votes

Cursor position is not focused on begining of the comment box in Microsoft Edge

This is a bug in Edge and there's nothing we can really do about it. When Edge encounters a multiline placeholder, it places the cursor at the lower left corner of the text. <textarea rows="...
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7 votes

"Submit" button in review queues remains Disabled

Whew - got it figured out! What an adventure in browser compatibility research. The issue here was the input event. It's supported across all modern browsers, but on older Microsoft Edge versions, it'...
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3 votes

Microsoft Edge browser can't display certain SE pages and sometimes abruptly exits when editing, but apparently only when involving MathJax

It's now been just over 3 weeks since I upgraded Microsoft Edge to the latest version of 80.0.361.69, which uses the Chromium engine instead of the original Microsoft's proprietary EdgeHTML engine. ...
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2 votes

A small display bug in the reputation graphics in Edge browser only

That part of the page is using the CSS property justify-content: space evenly;, which according to MDN is currently in Working Draft spec, and is not supported by IE or Edge. https://developer....
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2 votes

Eeek! Vote, flag, and favorite buttons are all black, and other design elements have lost their color

The same horrible issue applies in iOS 9.3.5 on an iPad, where I was able to reproduce this in three different browsers, including Safari and Chrome. It reaaaaaaaaaaally looks terrible. If this ever ...
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