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Trying to comment on a particular question on the full site crashes Android Chrome

The crash info showed the exception class was a java.lang.NullPointerException. There was also a stack trace, 10 levels of android.view.view.populatevirtualstructure (sorry, wrong capitalization), and ...
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Votes cast statistic "{ } this week" is not aligned properly in the full site on mobile

The items in the "Votes cast" summary are laid out using the Flexbox model. The container element consists of two rows of items ("upvotes", "downvotes", "question ...
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3 votes

Something happened to my Chrome on mobile, and now Stack Overflow looks weird

You must have accidentally clicked on the "Full site" option which is available in the footer. To go back to mobile UI, scroll to the footer, find "Mobile" keyword and click on it.
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Blue box around profile page items

That is a CSS button focus outline. It helps the user when they are using keyboards 'Tab' key to navigate the page. I see no necessary reason to remove it. For more information please do visit: ...
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2 votes

Images in post when viewed using Chrome on Android are sometimes misplaced

Mobile version of the website includes this CSS: .post-text img { max-width: 90%; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; display: block } Developers probably decided that images tend ...
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Some fonts are way too small to be used on the responsive design on Chrome for a regular Android phone

For some of those pages (the question list and question page), the reason that the text may look small is because you have the Desktop site setting turned on in chrome. See the following screenshot. ...
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UpDown buttons cover the text in answer ordering combobox

This issue looks fixed now: Tested on the same iPad Pro 11" iPadOS 16.3.1 Chrome 110.0.5481.114
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How can I revert SE appearance on mobile?

Tap “full site” at the very bottom of the page. (You will need to dismiss the cookie notice at the bottom.) (You may also be able to do this with your browser’s “request desktop site” option, if your ...
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