No, it's not hard. It's two clicks away, on any site. Two. Clicking your profile picture or badge count on the top bar Clicking "Edit profile and settings" in the profile page That is it. Two clicks and you're in the profile edit page where you can change the information. As for mobile, the mobile theme is old and not really useable, like the ...


This is very much by design. You can only edit your settings / info in a per site user profile. The network account with its about me, site and display name is just there for convenience. The general idea is that users only have to bother with settings on the site(s) they joined. This also allows for having different info per site. If anything, maybe the ...


In Safari the “Unanswered” option is displayed, but the page is set to “Votes” whenever I try to select it. It doesn’t matter if I’m logged in or not. All of the other options work correctly.


This has been fixed and the updated cookie dialog is much better. I think there is still room for improvement in other areas of the UI when displayed on small screens though.

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