The mobile-web version of the site doesn't offer the option to edit your profile. The full site does; you can scroll down to the footer and tap the 'full site' link to switch to the (partially) responsive site, which does allow the option to edit your profile (including uploading a new profile picture).


I just tested that on a 4'' Android phone (hard to get smaller screen nowadays). I opened a random Stack Overflow question in Chrome and at first sight, there was nothing about meta. However, after I checked a tick at Desktop site option things changed and I was able to see community bulletin with featured meta questions (had to scroll down closer to page ...


I'm not under the impression that meta is particularly discoverable (and its one of those things users stumble upon over time)- there's no obvious signs of per-site metas except under either the SE button on the responsive site top bar or the hamburger on the mobile view. On my own site, we haven't featured anything in a bit, but the "featured on meta&...

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