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(Cross-posted from part of an answer to a different question, as the content is probably more broadly relevant here) Regarding the removal of the ‘mobile’ site Before you go ahead with the switchover, please try and make sure the responsive view on mobile has parity with the mature design elements of the existing ‘mobile’ site. Example: Here is a page ...


The mobile version of SE is not being developed by the developers anymore. So switch to the responsive version, click the "full site" button on the bottom of the page. There are plenty of bugs about the mobile-web. Even on the tag description it mentions: For questions about the (now deprecated) mobile versions of Stack Exchange sites.


I noticed this too. The solution is to go to the home page of the site, then tap on "full site" at the bottom. Since I have only seen this happen when viewing the new profile page with the old mobile site active, I doubt it will be fixed as the old mobile site is in the process of being removed.

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