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No. Currently they can't. We don't allow more than one type of lock on a post at the same time. I tested this by looking to see if a lock was an option on an answer currently locked with a policy lock and the only option I saw was to unlock it. We do have an enhancement in our backlog that would allow this - giving mods the ability to add a comment lock on ...


In the announcement of the Policy Lock it says: Answering, commenting, and voting will not be affected by this lock, though additional locks to limit these activities can be added to a post that already has a Policy Lock in place. so (without being able to test it) I guess it should be possible to lock comments on a policy-locked post.


This is fixed. The problem was a bad abstraction in the audit log code. The audit logs take an IUser abstraction when recording who was affected by a change; this can be a user, a room, or a message. Users and rooms both have concrete primary non-null Ids. Messages have nullable foreign user Ids that get nulled out when a user is deleted. Unfortunately, ...


This has been status-completed, probably with the new site design a while ago: However, upon hovering over it, the text becomes blue again. (This is a problem on all sites, not just beta sites. I've opened a new ticket for that.)


Migrating all questions isn't a good call IMO. For that part, I leave other answer for that, but something not talked inside your question is how other sites did such mass move. You need a consensus from Stack Overflow users for that part, as you would need to burn the tag joomla on Stack Overflow and make it more clear in the tag wiki that Joomla is there ...


Just throwing this out here: But perhaps the JSE site could "sponsor" the Joomla tag on SO. That would be an easy way to get more discoverability. I however don't know if tag sponsorship is still a thing on SO. I can only find one tag with a logo (SQL-server) but find no hint of any sponsorship when looking at the tag page. The google-play tag is ...


I think that focusing on the questions is the wrong approach. You don't need questions, you need community members that go to the Joomla site before Stack Overflow. If users start getting more comprehensive and friendly answers on JSE than on SO, they will switch over and probably tell their friends. Smaller specialized sites shouldn't try to compete with SO ...


The problem here isn't really any technical aspect of the platform, it's the general definition of the scope of SO and the decision on how to handle overlapping sites. Most of the questions you are arguing for migration are not off-topic on SO, so there is no real reason to migrate unless the asker requests it. Migrating questions that are not off-topic is ...


These strings can't be added to Transifex because of how the banners are configured. The moderator agreement itself is only available in English for legal reasons, so between that and the fact that they're up for a limited time, we decided not to translate the banners in this case.

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