The new navigation system, in beta test as an opt-in feature on Stack Overflow, Meta Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange

What does it do?

The goal of the new navigation is to make it easier for people to find questions to answer on large sites (especially Stack Overflow).

  1. let's improve our site navigation
  2. new navigation for Stack Overflow is in alpha testing
  3. new navigation alpha 2 released
  4. improving our navigation the next iteration

How do I get this?

the new "New Navigation" panel

Go to your user preferences page, look at the bottom. Check the checkbox, or un-check it to go back to normal. Checking the box puts you in a waiting list.

We allow people in batches to verify behavior under load, ensure we've fresh eyes as we fix the inevitable bugs and so on.

There's a five minute cache expiration time, so any change you make might take a little to propagate.

How can I help?

Here's what we really want to know :-)

If there is anything you particularly hate, but it's not a breaking behavior, please think of a better alternative and suggest it as a feature request. <3

Adapted from MSE post and MSE post 2