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feature-request status-completed We've started a Transcription Club for people who want to help transcribe episodes. Not listened to it yet, so burn me if that was mentioned during it (and/or I missed something), but are you planning on releasing a transcript as well? I can see it being useful for a couple situations: deaf/hard-of-hearing people who can'...


It would be nice to get a roundtable with Robert, Rebecca, Dori, and Shog9 (or some subset), and hear their thoughts on community growth and management.


I think a transcript should be overseen by a human before releasing it. I find this hard to read and I am hard of hearing so I can't enjoy the original audio. Is there an ETA for when a human will help out with it?


Thanks for the interesting discussion. You discussed how (or whether) to factor answers into the evaluation of a question as good/neutral/bad and the hazards of edge cases there. Perhaps what you're seeing is a difference between good and interesting. We've all seen questions that the community considers poor (lots of downvotes) but that nonetheless have ...


At 16:50 in the audio we hear: John: ... Maybe in future episodes we could interview moderators? Abby: Ooh! Juan: That's a great idea! Abby: This is a call for you know requests for proposals if you'd like to be interviewed on this podcast you can call 1-800 ... (All laugh) Abby: ... We do not have a phone number set up this ...


I think it'd be great if periodically, we invite moderators and power users of our Stack Exchange community sites on the show. I'm very interested in hearing their POV of our sites: what they love about our network, and what we can improve based on their critiques. From my experience working with some of the communities on their designs, I find that every ...


This is something that we have been looking at, in particular for new users posting a wall of code with no context. We have added some checks to try to avoid this, such that for new users (specifically, users with low reputation), we require a nominal ratio of characters of context (i.e. non-code) per line-of-code (up to a point - obviously you can't carry ...


The ultimate goal of the podcast is to try to determine whether or not Adnan Syed killed Hae, or whether he was wrongfully convicted. And imma be honest, there's not as much closure there as any of us would like there to be. (I mean, it's like, really clear that Adnan's friend Jay is lying, right? But why?!?) Failing that, we try to to use it to give ...


Steve Yegge; the podcasts with him were great. Also, it would be nice to sit down with people that work on some of the open-source stuff that Stack Overflow uses (although not limited to them); it would be a nice way of promoting their projects.


Obviously, the OP isn't going to accept the answer, as it's not really right. This is not anywhere near as "obvious" in practice as this happens quite a bit. On The Workplace we have what I consider a huge problem with "not really good answers being common." I wrote at length about this. The summary of my meta.workplace post is the following quote I ...


If the mythical they (the editors of the podcast) existed, they might gesture vaguely towards an implied substantial pile of drivel that has been removed from any given podcast recording. They might indicate that all potential drivel is graded on a complex scale which takes many factors into account including, but not limited to: Was removal of said drivel ...


I would like to hear Matt Grum (perhaps on the same podcast with shirlock homes) He is the Photo SE rep leader, his answers are always incredibly insightful. I think it would be interesting to hear a few "Civilians" (in Joel's words) talk about how they got started and hooked on SE. What are we doing well? What could we be doing better?


How about Jared? Maybe it's just me, but as a programmer the thought of losing my sight freaks me out completely, so it's awe inspiring to learn that blind people can code. It would be interesting to hear his take on usability too.


Kevin Montrose - our API developer. It would be nice to hear what he's up to and how version 2.0 of the API is coming :)


That is the tune "Faster Does It" by Kevin MacLeod, available on, which has music available under a Creative Commons license.


So why aren't beta sites being recognized as healthy communities? Writing.SE clamours for graduation, as well as other beta sites like BoardGames.SE that have been in existence for over 9 years! There is no question that these are healthy communities (it certainly meets Jon Ericson's definition presented at the start of the podcast), and yet their requests ...


The canonical URL for the podcast feed is now: 301 redirects have now been set up from old feed URLs to the new canonical one, so subscriptions should update automatically. We are working on re-submitting to the iTunes store to get that piece settled too (once some final kinks are worked out). The blog is now ...


Since a bunch of people have indicated their desire for a transcript, I'm going to assume many readers are not interested in listening to the audio-only podcast. That's probably a good instinct. As I said in a comment: It's a traditional first episode. So you can safely ignore it until we get to episode 7 and you find the show interesting. Assuming ...


The titles of Stack Exchange podcasts usually come from little jokes in the recording. They don't always make it into the show notes, usually because they are just throwaway lines or passing comments from Joel. They're almost always off topic. In this case, "florp" was a nonsense word Joel made up. You'll hear it if you listen closely to the podcast. The ...


So the way we accomplish this is by running independent skype calls to each of the guests, recording those calls on their own channels, editing the audio and then mixing all of the channels down into a single mp3 file. Ill be doing a blog post soon that covers all the details of our setup. UPDATE: The post is up - you can check it out @ http://blog....


As far as I know, the Stack Exchange blog (and the podcasts category in particular) is the only source of up-to-date information on the podcast. As you say, it's been over six to eight weeks since the last podcast, whose blog entry enthusiastically states That’s it for Podcast #30, which is it for podcasts in 2011. See you next year! So I guess the only ...


The podcast feed was an unforeseen casualty when the blog was updated to its shiny new iteration. This issue was fixed in the usual six to eight weeks, however that was long enough for the podcast to fall out of the iTunes store. It's back now. As you were already subscribed your podcast player should automatically redirect to the new feed and start picking ...


Honing in on your idea that you could interview moderators, why not interview one or two of our new MSE moderators? I'd like to see a deep dive into how moderating this meta site differs mechanically and philosophically from moderating a normal site. Perhaps also more about the impetus to create meta.SE moderator positions after a long time.


We just recorded another episode - the fabled Episode #50. The recent changes to closing are discussed, we argue inconclusively about library recommendation questions, and Joel smashes blinds in the recording room. Will anyone make it out alive? Stay tuned... It should be live on the blog sometime next week.


It's exactly what you think it is.


I would tend to agree that answers to questions closed for any of the following reasons should not gain reputation, because these questions don't belong on the site in the first place. off topic not constructive too localized At the very least, I would support immediately locking any post closed for these three reasons so at least existing answers cannot ...


You can take them from the source - the host of all the actual files. Looks like they even got sets of podcasts and you can also subscribe to the RSS feed.

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