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Works on Area51 Stack Exchange ‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​ It doesn't work on example questions as far as I know.


One can use Unicode combining characters to produce an almost empty display name. Try it yourself: const textarea = document.querySelector('textarea'); document.querySelector('button').addEventListener('click', function(e){ textarea.focus();; document.execCommand('copy'); textarea.blur(); }); Select all and copy in the ...


It turns out I can have zero-width characters in my password, although I also need to add one letter and one number.


There's no clickable area to this post from the 10k tools' Delete Votes page (there's an answer here with a pending delete vote). Even on posts I'm unable to vote to delete/undelete, I can still click the link to hop to that post from this entry. Not super unique (I mean, we already know the title is unclickable) but I see other answers documenting places ...


|||||| The | bars are for indicating the edges of the image. Empty "other off-topic close reason" indeed.


Unlike on the main questions feed, there is no clickable area I can find for this question on a tag search:


As relaxed as chatroom tags already were, we can also have empty tag identifiers. The same can't be said about tags created through the [tag:...] format.


I don't think I need any further explanations. I can create an empty room name using the ‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​ symbol.


Thanks to @ppwater, the empty tag now has an empty excerpt and wiki. See the tag info page.


As rene said, both questions and answers are posts. They are stored in the same table, so the ids are effectively coming from the same pool of numbers. In your example, the question is a post with id 4 and the answer is a post with id 7.


Empty suggested edit summary. (I edited Ollie's answer) approved edit Edit view:


‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​What ...


Oh boy: We can use it to raise empty custom flags. Empty tag wikis, too.


I can also use this method to screw up my "About Me" section, e.g., remove the text "Your about me is currently blank", and the "Apparently this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them" that y'all see: Go take a look in my profile.




As we can not see, I was able to submit an empty question. To reproduce it: Submit a question with a content Right after the submission, edit the question to remove everything and include invisible zero-width spaces. Edit the below snippet to be able to see the spaces (they will show as red dots if you are using Chrome) ‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​‎​ ...

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