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At this time, we don't have plans on our roadmap to adjust privileges. Our moderators are aware that people will be receiving new privileges. If we, or our moderators, discover anything concerning from the data we're monitoring, we will evaluate our next steps.


As this comment says, the boundaries for privileges at the low end, e.g., for up voting, flagging, down voting, etc., are likely more important to consider possibly changing. Now, by asking just one or two questions with some positive up votes, it'll be that much easier to get those privileges than before. I suggest considering increasing some of these, ...


I don't think recalculating the boundaries will be necessary since they're already pretty arbitrary - it's not as though a 19k user is clueless as to how the site functions, and magically transforms into a power user once they hit 20k rep. If there is a concern that users that shouldn't have access to certain privileges are being given access all of a sudden,...


I don't think those reputation requirements are going to be changed; For those of you that are getting new privileges: we ask you to take the responsibility reverently. You are the question experts. You are the people that can identify a question that is struggling and you know how hard it can be to on the other side of that keyboard. Thank you in ...


I rather deleted posts on meta be visible to all users with high rep on any site, as it is better then people posting images of deleted posts (including on twitter). At present due to these posts being hidden from people who (many of us feel) should be able to see them, they are being made visable to people who have no investment in StackExchange who I ...


The request has some merit (so I've upvoted it), but in a sense it's already happening. Traffic on Meta Stack Exchange is three times the usual, and users are upvoting (and downvoting) much more often than they did: about ten times the usual according to this SEDE query: Most of those are upvotes, and those give a lot more reputation than downvotes cost ...


There is already a privilege at that step of the ladder, however I happened to consult the help page of a site where this privilege is hidden. The privilege is "reduce ads". By nature, it applies only to sites with advertising enabled.

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