I managed to repro with vote reversals as well. As per my observation, this is unrelated to hyperlinks. Hovering anywhere over the row will show a hand cursor. This normally (and correctly) happens with rows that can be expanded to show a child table. It looks like certain "user removed"/"voting corrected" row elements (incorrectly?) have ...


This looks like it's been fixed! Much better! Since I'm pretty confident that Yaakov Ellis fixed it, I'll post a haiku in his honor, and hope he has a relaxing sabbatical: New milestone soon Want to learn more about it Button needed space


The padding on the [Learn more] button has been fixed, and is now consistent with the padding on the [Go get it] button for the Next Badge popup. Go to your profile Want to learn more 'bout new badge? Button padding sweet


The way I see it is having a "timeline" icon like we have for posts: Clicking it will show pop up (or separate page) with the user "history", i.e. list of time ranges when that user was a moderator on the site, and/or employee of Stack Exchange.


A while ago, I wrote the userscript You've Earned This Badge, but when and where? which does exactly this: This userscript turns the checkmarks in the badge list (which indicate you've earned a specific badge) to links to your personal badge page, where you can see when and where you earned the badge. You can install the userscript with this direct link. I'...


There are also other users that show as partaking in 0 communities. I just took this screenshot on Stack Overflow: This is a new user, and for some other new users it showed that they only joined Stack Overflow, so this well might be a caching error, except for the Community user, who will always be a Schrödinger's user and join all communities and none at ...


I think this was addressed perfectly with the implementation of the "Policy Lock". This lock can be used by staff on posts (questions and answers) that carry extraordinary weight. The lock banner looks like this: The purpose of this lock is to: ... prevent any edits from being made to the post by anyone (including moderators) with the exception ...

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