feature-request I would like to request that the new profile be made with less space. Compare the difference: New: Old: The new profile is definitely much cleaner, but there's too much space. The older profile was much more compact. Please consider removing some of the spacing. In particular, the whole bar of space on the left side where the top network ...


feature-request status-completed Because I have joined all the communities on Stack Exchange, my profile has a massive scrollbar and loads of whitespace: Can this be changed to as it was before and not show hidden communities?


support Can someone explain what a card aesthetic is? (Sorry, I'm not a design guy.) Each section now has a card aesthetic Also, when you squish down to 320x resolution on the Profile, the Stats are below the Badges and Top Posts sections. That's surprising because usually I'd expect the Stats summary towards the top.


feature-request status-review Make it more clear what “posts %” means. On the “Top tags” section of a users profile page, there is a section labeled “posts %”. As far as I can tell, this means the percentage of your posts that are tagged with or answer a question tagged with those tags. Could this be renamed “percentage of posts” to make it more clear?


feature-request status-review Please address the Last Seen entry on profiles. Either put the debate to rest or revert this change which had nothing originally to do with making the profile responsive in the first place.


feature-request status-review Since our profile page is now updated can we also consider bringing back old feature Last Seen?


feature-request status-completed Where's reputation? When you're browsing on mobile maybe you want to see how much rep a commenter has. You try to hover over their name but you realize tool tips are completely inaccessible on a touch screen. You visit their profile but the number is nowhere in sight. . . . . Yeah it's all at the bottom (with only communities ...


feature-request status-completed Could the design prioritise Top Meta Posts over Top Network Posts? From my own profile, Personally, I'm much more interested in the top meta posts of a user than their top network posts, and so a 3 vs 7 question ratio doesn't show the extent of meta contribution that I'd like to see. Perhaps changing to 7 vs 3, or maybe 5 vs ...


bug status-completed Code blocks don't wrap or create a scrollbar when the content exceeds the width of the 'About' section, causing the entire section to stretch: Profile page showcasing the issue.


feature-request status-completed Make the “see more” buttons' text more consistent. Currently, they are: "View all badges" “View all [number] tags” “View all questions and answers” “View all” (for top network posts). Can these be changed to be more consistent? One possible suggestion might be: "View all badges" “View all tags” “View ...


feature-request status-review Tl;dr: The link to view all of a user's badges or tags doesn’t look like a link. Most of the links on the page look like links. This applies to posts, links in the profiles, and probably some other stuff. However, the links that say “View all badges” and “View all [number] tags” aren’t formatted to look like links (by this, I ...


Why not use the tablet design on PC as well? What is the use for that massive amount of whitespace on the left?


All done. The list of accounts is cached, but it fundamentally is powered by a database table that aggregates some basic metadata about an account's profiles from across the network, and the user type for Kevin's MSE profile had the wrong value in there. Thanks for the report!


It has been some time since this question as originally asked, but the logic has remained the same. It might be more accurate to think of this section as "my badges, ranked by rarity" instead of "my rare badges". Currently, the logic is as follows: Get all of the user's badges Rank each badge based on the total number awarded across the ...


feature-request status-declined If you have one badge of a certain color, it’s at the bottom, instead of the top where it used to be. Currently, on my profile page, where I have one gold badge, it is at the bottom of the gold badges box, whereas previously it was at the top. Can it be moved back to the top of the box? Current state Expected state Note: ...


bug status-completed Letters in profile name overlap with the edit profile button Currently, my profile on stack apps looks like: To me. This bug can most likely be reproduced by you if you change your username to “Ekadh Singh - Qwertyuiop ASzdL” (my current name on Stack Apps) or “LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL”, though other names might also work.


feature-request status-review A minor point: The placeholder text for a person who has some activity (e.g. asked a question), but who has not yet earned any badges, is: This user has not earned any rare badges. It should be: This user has not earned any badges. The panel will show the rarest badges which have been earned by the user (up to three of them, ...


feature-request Viewing [newest/top] [posts/questions/answers] no longer shows how many questions and answers a user has. This can be viewed on my profile, as well as anybody else’s. Can this be changed so that it shows how many questions and/or answers a user has posted there? Why I want this: the amount of questions and answers a user has posted can help ...


bug sponsored-tags status-completed Sponsored tag icon's alignment is not properly aligned in the Top tags section. Sponsored tag with alignment issue: Same sponsored tag icon in the Tags page:


This has now been fixed. There was a logic error in the sql that was used to retrieve the "last post used to earn a specific badge for a specific user" that often resulted in returning a completely unrelated post. The issue would manifest itself specifically when the user had earned another badge of specific types more recently than the badge was ...


Ultimately we might want to handle duplicate votes of all types, but those have a higher potential for edge cases (for example, how far would we want to or need to go to reverse any effects that those votes had - deleted posts, post owner's reputation, etc), so for now, we're going with the two simplest cases - bookmarks and follows. Future user merges will ...


feature-request When a user finishes editing their profile, take them back to the profile main page. Currently, when you edit your profile, and click save changes (FYI you don’t need to actually change anything for this to work, so feel free to test it), it says that your profile has been saved successfully. After this however, if you want to go back to the ...


bug status-completed On mobile, when a tag is too long the score, post count and post percentage move to a new line, which in itself is fine. But could we please keep a right alignement on the new line?


feature-request In this previous FR-answer a user had subscribed to all sites on the SE network and the list didn't collapse which made the profile very long vertically. The above FR was marked status-completed but now I'm having the inverse problem. I'm a member of just a few communities but even so: The Communities list is very short and only displays 11 ...


I don't know if this is a change resulting from the changes to responsive, but the buttons are nearly unreadable with the light gray text, this is on stack overflow profiles This is with the chrome Version 95.0.4638.54 (Official Build) (64-bit) on ubuntu 20.04


As of today (I think, or maybe it was just before the weekend?), the profiles button will change into "Network profile" if there are no other communities to display: In case one has their accounts set to hidden, the link will not appear:


bug security Tl;dr It is (sometimes) possible to get (some) people to click on malicious links that while trying to click on the “read more” button. More explanation For example, on my stack apps profile, there is a link hidden behind the “read more” button (for certain browsers), so clicking near (but not directly on) the “read more” button (possibly ...


feature-request status-declined The "Top tags" section takes about twice the height now while having lots of white space in the middle. Please make it more like an old style for desktop view: Show 5 tags instead of 6; Make the first one full-line and the other ones half-line; Make tag names (and maybe numbers as well) on each level different in ...

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