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We've (finally) fixed this bug, so you should be able to make changes to your profile picture and successfully propagate those changes to other communities. It turns out that null and "" are two different things? Who knew?? (We leave the profile image URL column null for Gravatar images everywhere except for the place in which we store profile ...


I hit the "Save and copy changes to all Stack Exchange communities" but is still not changed in profile page... I found out that to change in the "" you need an extra click: Clicking on the little text "Update profile info" and then copy it from one of the community, this only after clicking the "Save and ...


The mobile-web version of the site doesn't offer the option to edit your profile. The full site does; you can scroll down to the footer and tap the 'full site' link to switch to the (partially) responsive site, which does allow the option to edit your profile (including uploading a new profile picture).

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