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Missing publicist badge?

Thanks for reporting this. The query was broken and has been for a little while. It should now be fixed along with some improvements to it. The original queries for the sharing badges Announcer, ...
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Announcer badge awarded for a question I've never seen, much less shared

Reddit user tra31ng/tra12ng posted a link to that question, with user IDs 1-4 in the user tracking part, to Reddit across multiple subreddits. The post with your user ID was on r/StockMarket, and it ...
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Announcer badge spike

This is caused by the switch to HTTPS. Stack Overflow changed to HTTPS on May 22, and guess what happened. Here are the awarded Announcer badges on Stack Overflow: This has a technical reason. ...
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Publicity badges might be taking internal links into account?

In May 2017, this bug was made status-bydesign: the badge was redefined to take internal links into account. In other words, the specific criterion you cite is now no longer part of the badge criteria....
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Announcer Badge list to show referrers to the question

We do store referrer, but not in a way that's easily or sanely accessible from the Q&A sites (it's just in the traffic logs) nor is it necessarily connected to the badge awards (the badges are per-...
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Do shared links to one question/answer on multiple outside webpages all count toward the same Announcer, Booster, or Publicist badge?

Yes! Note that there are two numbers in the URL: 40032 is the post ID. 20394 is your user ID. The three badges track how many people visited your link with the second number, and they keep an ...
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Update publicity badge descriptions - they work for answers as well as for questions

We were notified of a bug in the badges and during our investigation, we decided that it made more sense to have these badges be tied to Post instead of Question. All of the badge descriptions have ...
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Why did I just get the Announcer Badge and the Booster badge?

For anyone like me who got the announcer badge and DIDN'T get posted on Ars Technica, didn't have any activity on the question for which the badge was received, and didn't remember even looking at it, ...
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Strip user id from shared links within SE posts

If somebody shares a link on Site A to little-known (new, small, etc) Site B, and that draws new participation there, then the user deserves the Announcer badge on Site B, just as if he'd tweeted it ...
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Is there an option to share posts on LinkedIn and have it count for the Publicist badge?

Currently, LinkedIn isn't one of the options for sharing. However, as you mentioned, you can copy the link to share it there. Since there are many social media providers out there, I don't think every ...
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Will background requests count as visits for Announcer, Booster and Publicist badges?

It depends on what is making the request, but in most cases, no. We do not actually increment view count by the simple act of loading the page. Instead, upon the page loading, your browser needs to be ...
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Won Announcer badge even without sharing the link externally

Your latest badge was from this post - https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/330084/5472 - where you presumably used the “share” control to copy the URL to another post on the site. People or crawlers ...
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Anonymize or hash the user ID part of a shared link so users can earn badges for sharing links without any privacy leaks or prank/troll risks

It is outrageous that SE disrespects our privacy so much. Maybe they don't understand the implications yet. Some of the implications are (as discussed in the comments to this question): Millions of ...
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Is it possible to get info about where my link was published and where the traffic comes from?

TL;DR: You shared the link to your answer in a comment that was deleted from the site, but copied into a clone of Arqade! Checking your profile in Arqade I went through the Publicist badge you earned....
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Strip user id from shared links within SE posts

The first reason you cite for implementing this is no longer the case: in May 2017, the badge was redefined to no longer exclude clicks from within the Stack Exchange network, because this was now ...
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