If you're open to additional options, there's one filter option that would be a big help for power users on some sites that is not currently implementable via site search: not answered by me. Not infrequently, I go looking in specific tags for questions where my expertise might be helpful. And when I do this, I keep bumping into questions I've already ...


feature-request This is an updated version of a request I posted on the original announcement (but I failed to explicitly tag it FR, so perhaps it was overlooked). The first set of filter options includes "no answers", "no accepted answer", and "has bounty". All of those are useful. There is an additional item I'd like to see in this list: "no answer by ...


As André mentioned, it would be really helpful to be able to see some indication of new activity even when the left nav is collapsed. Something like what is currently done for the review queue, maybe? No freehand red circle, in order to avoid confusion. Sorry folks. For me personally, this might be worth expanding the left nav for (as Joe mentioned). Kudos,...


feature-request status-completed Please add a results count at the top of the screen, like we have when doing normal searches. Note the difference between search: And question list:


feature-request The list of filters is automatically sorted by name in ascending alphabetical order. Can we keep those filters on our customized order? For example (see below), I always want to keep the SQL filter in the top of the filters list. Currently there is no way to keep our customized filter order.


bug Using a - to exclude a tag searches for not instead, meaning I have to type the entire tag without autocomplete:


feature-request If there aren't any bounties currently offered, it would be nice if the "0" wasn't so . . . emphasized. Here's what the tabs look like on Worldbuilding right now, where there are no active bounties: The bright "0" draws my eye too it pretty quickly, especially given the plain white background. It's great if the number's in blue if there are ...


bug status-completed Using the browser's back button doesn't play nice with the new filter. Example: Navigate to the 'active' tab: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions?tab=Active Click the 'bounties' tab Click the browser's back button, you're now back on the 'active' tab Scroll to the bottom and click the button for another page 2. You'll either get a ...


Hooray. I miss the old new nav. One thing I am always confused about: what is the point of "active" and "popular"? Why do I want to find questions that lots of other people are already answering? Me, I virtually always just want: Show me the most recent questions on my favourite tags (well, one really favourite tag) that have 0 or 1 (non-accepted) answers....


feature-request Please can you add support for saving the filter ( [python-*] ) -[python]. It's a fairly strange filter, as it gets all [python-*] tags except ones tagged with [python]. It is very useful on Code Review as ~30%, when I checked, were improperly tagged and this makes it easy to find and fix them.


bug (maybe?) When I select to filter by “No accepted answer”, the resulting filter says it is displaying “questions with no upvoted or accepted answers”. But I did not ask for questions without upvoted answers, and filtering those out makes the filter really not that useful to me. Can we please split that up in two options? No accepted answer No upvoted ...


Maybe I'm just old-fashioned by now, but... Please offer an obvious way to clear all filters quickly. Just from looking at the screenshots, I can't tell whether unchecking all the checkboxes will be enough to display all questions, or if it will display none of the questions. (It's probably the former, but explicit is nice to have; this doesn't have to be ...


support There are two spaces in between the "and" and "not" in the filter title. Is this the expected behaviour or a bug?


bug rant The filter does not work if you only want to NOT see tags. For example, try making a filter for “not [the-phantom-menace]” on M&TV. It doesn’t work and you are just sent back to the page with no tags being filtered. This prevents filters from properly emulating ignored tags when you have no watched tags. I rarely watch tags, but I often ...


feature-request/bug status-planned Once the menu is opened, if I click elsewhere (without changing anything), the page refreshes. This is a bit irritating. I might just want to see what options I have set, but as soon as I open the menu it is bound to refresh the page as it closes. Please consider giving an "Ok" button to confirm changes (and refresh the ...


bugstatus-completed The old UI allows opening the various filters in new tabs: This is no longer possible. It appears that what used to be <a> links are now <button>s: May be related to https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/313986/281829


feature-request I like the idea of adding a minimum score to the filter. That way I don't have to look at questions that already have a -1 or -2 score, but can still sort by date or another property.


feature-request add a default name when saving a custom filter. In lots of cases, I think this will be easy to generate, like "Python questions with no answers". In hard cases (e.g., lots of tags), fall back to no default.


Looking at what done for this question, https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions reports 4 votes, but the question actually got 6 votes: 5 up-votes, and 1 down-vote. 4 is really the score of the question: the difference between the number of up-votes, and the number of down-votes. Votes for me means the number of votes, not the score a post has. Score ...


After performing some tests on three SE websites using Colorblind Web Page Filter, this is what I get : The last 3 lines are what color-blind individuals approximately see. The ones with Tritanopia can't distinguish Yellow from White (See StackOverflow x Tritan). Programmers answer mark fails for all types. It's clear that UX style is the winner.


discussionstatus-planned What is the point of the "no answers" and "no accepted answers" filter options? I think it is so that we can find questions that we'd like to answer. But if that's the case, why are closed questions not filtered out? If there's some other purpose to those options, I'd be happy to hear it. But otherwise, it seems to me that we ...


feature-request status-completed Can we have the Saved Filters in the Home page side bar too? When landing on the Home page, to get the filters menu, need to navigate to Questions page then click on the filters in the side bar. Adding the saved filters in the home page side bar, avoid few more clicks. Home Page: Questions Page:


discussion/bug status-completed I successfully tried using some filters and got the posts displayed (for example: my tags, no answers, no accepted, today). I see that "today" there were (as of this moment) 28 pages of results, with 50 results per page, that matched my tags and the parameters chosen: I then proceed to press next, to see the rest of the ...


feature-request status-planned Indicate whether filter option "today" means "created today" or "last active today" – perhaps in a tooltip. In search, according to help, there are two available time parameters: created and lastactive. It's not immediately clear which of these two parameters is used in the question lists feature. If it's not convenient to ...


feature-request Can we have an option to sort by view count? I like answering popular questions (if possible) that would benefit most people (not only active SO members).


discussion I can already see the changes took effect. Not precisely a bug (or perhaps is bydesign), but I noticed that the new interface only appears when going to the /questions link: However, this is not visible from Home (that is without the /questions): I see this is the case for all 3 test sites. Is this behavior intended? At first I was confused ...


It sounds like you're asking to turn this, where we can see you have 101 rep and Shog9 has 235k rep: Into this, where we can't: In my personal experience, it isn't an eyesore and I don't have any trouble focusing my eyes away from the rep first. The name is a different colour and stands out, so my eyes just travel straight to it. (If you're colour ...


bug status-completed Entering c++ along with other tags in the Filter box replaces the c++ with c After clicking out of the filter box:


feature-request Can we have an option to sort by [newest posted answers]? Reason: A new answer to an old (say >48h) question gets lost in the sort by activity when it is followed by edits to the same post and/or other posts.

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