We should be rejecting these titles with guidance. It's fine to post the error you received, but the error belongs in your question, after you describe what led to it. A better title for your question is stating what you wish to accomplish. Gotta run some numbers to grok a good number of characters before a space should probably appear, and look at what ...


Hmmm, so that DNS was used after all! We did some cleanup yesterday on the stackexchange.com zone. A build updating it to the correct qa.sockets.stackexchange.com is going out now, should be working shortly.


They do right now. They may not always in the future.


Must be a localized issue as I have no issue seeing it on the Stack Exchange question list and on the hot question side-bar. In fact, I first noticed the new favicon on the hot question side-bar before I even saw this question (about 12:30 UTC today). And the CDN is showing the correct favicon as well. Given you and ChrisF's respective ...


Fixed in stackexchange.com build 2014.1.27.823.


Based on a dialog with Shadow Wizard, it appears this only occurs when the page is zoomed. As I don't zoom my pages, I overlooked that Windows actually does, where it has a display setting one can change the size of text, apps and other items. With this set to 125%, which mine were, it create the same effect page zoom does, hence some posts get a scrollbar....


This is probably related to the current network problems. The issue is that outgoing packets get dropped, as explained by Bret Copeland StackAuth.com was also affected, leading to issues with logging-on once logged out.


I'd tag this status-caching if I could. :) The CDN caches pretty aggressively and we normally just let it do its thing for favicons in a few places.

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