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Starting with the next build, this will show in your reputation history, shown as a -15 on the day it occurs (except if it's re-accepted in the same day)


It would be good if this request were re-evaluated, in light of modern edit reviewing technology. Paŭlo Ebermann speaks correctly about this issue when it pertains to slower sites. A site that only gets 50 questions per day is still a good site. But if you make 20 edits, you're pushing good questions off the top. I see this happen on Gamedev.se all the ...


Well this is now done: In the new votes tab on your profile, you can see a list of questions you voted to close.


I like this idea. I thought it would have been done, but when I checked where I thought it would be I found it was not there. I suggest this be added under the "Activity" tab of your user profile:


I like where this is heading. Issue 1 has now been resolved with the update to the new review system, where an Edit action is now recorded under your profile and shows on the suggested edit itself, so credit is given to you and Community, like so: However, it seems that we're still not shown an Approved/Rejected mark next to suggested edits when viewing ...


If you go to your friend's profile page, at the bottom you'll see a link to their "user feed". This will give you an RSS feed of your friend's activity.


Due to query constraints and ease of localization, I opted to use your initial suggestion: This will be in the next build, going out now.


Go to your profile -> click on votes tab -> click on upvotes (assuming you upvoted that answer) Here you will get the list of posts you have upvoted.


It's possible some of the terms got mixed up (SO vs. the SE Network?), but Joel's intended point is correct: In September, there were 32,025 generous users who posted five times or more on the Stack Exchange network (including, SO, SF, etc.) In September, English Wikipedia* had 29,434 five-time editors. These numbers bounce around some, but that month isn'...


I have a slightly better idea. Rather than modifying the system to include some sort of useless text there that doesn't really identify anything, we should simply have the Community user automatically delete orphaned wikis. This would fall in line with consistency for deleted questions and answers. Activity on deleted posts doesn't show up in that list at ...


As of today: Yes, at long last there is some indication in these lists when the most current activity is not from the current year. We should've probably done this long ago - goodness knows how often this has tripped me up when viewing folks' profiles - but Alex came back after you posted this, so we had to wait for him to take another break in order to ...


Currently no, there is no way to hide any of that information we have no plans on introducing any. Could you elaborate on what kind of problems you're running into? Depending on your concerns, you could use a second account or browse the site anonymously without logging in. You also don't have to use your real name on your account. Many people use ...


Quick & dirty option: navigate to your /reputation, open your browser's dev tools (F12 in Chrome), and dump this to the JavaScript console: var pre = document.getElementsByTagName('pre')[0]; var links = '<h1>Answers I\'ve downvoted:</h1>'; var re = /^ \d +(\d+) +\(-1/gm; var ma; while (ma = re.exec(pre.innerHTML)) { links += '<a href="/...


Moderators don't have the ability to do that. Some of the staff do, but the only way they would do that is if they make you a moderator on a site - which won't happen if you don't have any site experience. So, in effect, no. There's no way to get past the reputation requirements other than getting to 200 reputation on one site. I think it's important to ...


Aaand... it is back where it belongs: Activity tab > All actions > Comments. Will be out in all network sites in a couple of minutes. Sorry about that!


This would be a really useful feature - save a bit of time in following up on comments. I don't think it would actually be that hard to implement, as everybody already says, the data is already saved and freely available. That said, here's a userscript to show the number of comment upvotes. It adds a button next to each comment listing to show the score ...


I look forward to this as well. The closest you can get now is keeping in mind that some response still needs attention and scan recent responses later. Or store a link to the response in your browser's favorites (in a TODO folder). Adding a post to my favorites (in the user profile) does not work for me because I mark posts as favorite for many other ...


Did/will anything ever come of this? There's the 'Pundit' badge which requires 10 comments with a score of 5 - but without reviewing ALL our comments, it's hard to see if we're on track for example. What about including it as a mouseover and sort option?


It's fixed and will be out in the next deploy.


Stack Overflow has always been about answers, not about users. Stack Overflow is not a social network, and it will resist efforts to make it into one. If you want to follow a user, simply bookmark them, and check up on their recent activity occasionally.


Looks like you just asked this single question back on December 26. (Thanks Google Cache!) It had 2 upvotes and 11 downvotes, and was deleted one month later by automatic process that deletes questions with negative score (total upvotes - total downvotes) that has no answers. I support such process, we really don't need to leave these around. For those ...


Here's how to get a list of answers as URLs: Go to stackoverflow.com/reputation Ctrl+A (select all) Ctrl+C (copy) Fire up Notepad++ (or your favourite Linux alternative) Ctrl+V (paste) Ctrl+H (find & replace) Search Mode: Regular expression Find: ^(?!.*\(-1\)$).*$\r\n Replace: <blank> Find: ^ *\d+ +(\d+).*$ Replace: https://...


I just saw another case of this. A controversial nomination attracted a lot of comments; some were very rude and were deleted, and then the nomination was withdrawn. The comments that were actually deleted are, as we would expect, gone from user profiles, but the comments that remained at the time of the withdrawal are still there in the profiles even ...


We have been battling the activity stream tag wiki stuff for a while now, for example: Tag wiki edits are missing in the activity profile tab Initially when I designed tag wikis "community user" created the wiki blank and then the end user "revised" the blank wiki. Some people found this confusing so we changed it so the initial revision is a "proper" ...


Yep, Meta.SE, Workplace.SE, and Money.SE were incorrectly filtered from that list because of a data inconsistency. Fixed now.


If the status of this changed today then it'll be a discrepancy between the script that actually awards the badge - which usually run over UTC night and the code that updates your profile in, more or less, real time. If you still don't have the badge tomorrow then raise an issue.


Yes, there is in fact a way to get privileges without earning the required amount of reputation. You have to be a moderator. To have that access on all sites would require being an employee of SE (some of whom are given moderator privileges on all sites, if their role requires such access). Whether that's more or less work than earning 200 reputation on ...


The real problem is that both the "suggestions" and "reviews" tabs use the same tooltip; this means that, when viewing the activity as shown in the "all" tab is not possible to understand if the activity is referring to a review the user has done, or a suggestion the user has done. When the entry is about a suggestion, the tooltip should be "the ...

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