Starting with rev 2014.6.12.2312 here on meta and rev 2014.6.12.1659 everywhere else, we're going to automatically recalculate the author's reputation when community wiki status is removed from a post.


Some time since this post was written back in 2010, the rules changed. As explained in this post, scoring 200 exactly is now enough (and can be even if you paid reputation to downvote).


According to the FAQ describing how to audit your reputation, there are 8 different 'votes' counted in the list: accepted answer (to or from you) upvote (to you) downvote (to or from you) penalty for post flagged as offensive bounty grant (from you) bounty award (to you) penalty for post flagged as spam edit suggestion approved So in fact it aren't just ...


Everybody starts with 1 rep. So it doesn't count towards what you have gained.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible