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12 votes

My "network reputation" graph does not accurately reflect my accounts

Thanks for the report! IT WAS ME! I'm sorry. I broke it. But I fixed it too! We're working on migrating some bits of over (legacy things) and on debugging some production issues, ...
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11 votes

Graph of Reputation Over Time for all linked accounts

If you need just your own graph (logged in), there is a shorter way, directly available on any SE site at one click. Just click the mouse middle button over the "recent achievements" icon: (...
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10 votes

How will retroactive reputation gain affect the user graph?

The reputation has already been recalculated for Meta Stack Exchange (MSE) and I just gained around 400 rep thanks to that. From what I can see, the graph is indeed recalculated (since I don't see a ...
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8 votes

What is meant by "n/m score" and "p/q answers" in profile activity page in Summary box?

To earn the bronze tag badge for "router" you need to have a sum of 100 score (upvotes minus downvotes) on answers to questions that have that tag, and you need to have 20 answers to ...
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7 votes

What is meant by "n/m score" and "p/q answers" in profile activity page in Summary box?

It appears to be tracking the router tag bronze badge. You have 99 out of the 100 required score for the bronze badge, and have already passed the 20 required answers. The exact requirements are ...
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6 votes

What software is used to generate the reputation graphs on Stack Exchange?

When looking at the page source, it appears that Stack Exchange still uses Highcharts.js for their graphs (as of 26/06/2016). However, they use different versions. Meta.SE uses v2.1.9 (see here), ...
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6 votes

Date format in reputation graph should use national standards

So, this is already localized, in that the actual format has been put in a localizable string - the order of fields and the actual separators can be changed to suit the language of the site. We have ...
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6 votes

Is the reputation requirement to appear in the network reputation graph separate or combined?

The requirement applies to each individual site profile. For instance, my network profile currently shows Stack Overflow, Law Stack Exchange, and Meta Stack Exchange, because those are the only sites ...
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5 votes

Is there a bigger cumulative graph than the one on the profile?

The graph in your network profile is a bit bigger. You can find it at Do note, this graph will only show sites where you have at least 200 ...'s user avatar
5 votes

Reputation Graph X Axis Bug in Edge and IE

It seems the CSS property justify-content is not working for Edge and IE. It was already reported in the Microsoft developer forum. The same property is working as expected in Chrome and Firefox. In ...
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4 votes

Reputation graph goes to 2020

I don't think this is a bug, actually. After closer inspection, looks like the actual reputation value for the written date is to the right of the text. Without vertical graph lines, it's hard to ...
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3 votes

Display negative reputation for reputation graph (graph below reputation link in Summary)

To view more information, you can currently go to the Graph tab. If you click on that, you can view the graph, which includes negative reputation. It seems that showing only positive reputation ...
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3 votes

Reputation Graph Area Selection not Working in Chrome

Now that I am using Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit) I am able to use this functionality. Either something was fixed in Chrome or something was fixed in the code. I am still having this issue with ...
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3 votes

Negative reputation doesn't show on the mini-graph in the profile

It is by design. The mini rep-graph shows just positive rep. To see the negative rep also, you click "graph" in the "reputation" tab. As for no -60 notification in your dropdown - instead of ...
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2 votes

Date for per day table is not able to localize in reputation graph

This is fixed now: But there is another issue with local date format related to Date format in reputation graph should use national standards.
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2 votes

Reputation graph showing wrong number

I can't say what the issue was, but whatever it was it seems to have been resolved. Looking at the user's profile now, the total reputation number on the left seems to have caught up to the number in ...
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2 votes

Retrocomputing Reputation Bug

For anyone else in this situation, be patient and wait 24 hours - a few days, and a reputation recalculation should occur and automatically fix the issue.
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2 votes

Reputation Graph Area Selection not Working in Chrome

Oddly enough, I experience this in Chrome on my work laptop (HP ZBook G2). I say "oddly" because if I have my Chrome browser open on my laptops screen, the dragging on the graph does not work. If ...
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2 votes

A small display bug in the reputation graphics in Edge browser only

That part of the page is using the CSS property justify-content: space evenly;, which according to MDN is currently in Working Draft spec, and is not supported by IE or Edge. https://developer....
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1 vote

Per-site equivalent of Stack Overflow reputation page

Right after posting this question, I saw in the related links on the right this question How do I audit my reputation? which contained an answer.
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