Friendly comparison chart showing the reputation gains and losses between users on a site

The reputation leagues are a cut-throat hotbed of action, intensity and drama. One user enters, another user enters and then another still. Practically all of the users on a site will enter really.

In the cold wash of the night time sky the lights crack open and the spotlight drives their curdling. Each users' inner Sasha Fierce will be on the stage and with the tools of their gab, unleash their powers against each other.

Each week the bodies will climb and stagger over each other. Watching from high and below, they will compare their mini golf score cards and see whose cuisine doth reign super supreme with a thin crust. Because a thick crust is just oily bread.

The toppings is where it's at and the heap of the reputation leagues for the week, month and year show up who has the most gain in the weight of the site's economy.

Sweaty, beaten by the feat of providing well regarded posts, the inch centimetres on the all time leader boards.

And scene.