This is building out right now. I had to tweak the code to pass a number around instead of a string, and I mistakenly replaced rep.IsNullOrEmpty() with rep == 0 instead of rep <= 0.


In these cases at least an answer is present, so I need to reward bounty for something which isn't a working solution. No, you don't. You can just let the bounty expire and it will not be awarded, unless the answer was posted while the bounty was active and has a score of +2 or higher. In that case, it will get half the bounty amount. I flag answer as "...


If you define 'active' as 'their Last seen date on their profile is long ago', it's relatively simple to figure this out with a SEDE query: (Keep in mind SEDE is refreshed once a week, on Sunday morning, so if they visited this week, they'd still appear in the results.)

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