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For requests to replace, merge, or rename one tag here on this site into another tag.

This tag denotes a request to retag a set of questions. Note that the moderator capacity of merging or renaming tags is simply an extended application of manual community retagging, and thus requesting that one tag be merged into another or be renamed are simply different flavors of retag requests.

A completed retag request generally, but not always, results in the creation of a tag synonym. You can add the tag if you want the retag to be permanent.

Use this tag in combination the tag to request that a tag here on this site be replaced or merged with another tag, or be renamed. Also use the required tag , to allow the community to discuss how to retag the set of questions (e.g. what direction to merge, what name is best, etc.). For requests involving tags on another site on the network, post on the site's per-site meta.