blatant negligence in performing review duties

Blatant negligence in performing duties.

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  • Migration issues

    There's a bandwagon effect going on: people are agreeing with existing close votes without thoroughly evaluating whether they're accurate.

    This question that showed up in the review queue... There's no way two different people would think it belonged on Server Fault; clearly what happened is that the first person hit the wrong choice (they're adjacent) and the second followed.

  • Wrong duplicate votes
    Herd mentality closure of questions

    I had a question from more than a year ago (Aug 2011) here... was closed as "exact duplicate" by five low-reputation members. By low rep I mean that a few of them only just barely above the 3000 rep required to cast close votes, and each of them is below the 10k required to see it in the closure queue using the 10k tools.

    It wouldn't bother me having a question closed as duplicate normally but in this case the "exact duplicate" is a quite different (but similar sounding) question, really...

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