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Possible bug - Deleted question keeps reappearing for review

This odd bug has already been reported on Meta Stack Overflow: DMCA deleted question still reviewable and displays original content Setting as an answer since we can’t flag as dupe across sites.
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Close votes on "review first questions"

Even though you can't vote to close, you can flag as 'Needs improvement' - that will put the question in the Close Votes review queue if it isn't already there, and other users with enough reputation ...
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For edit-suggestors with a streak of N approvals, only require one approval for their next suggested edit

This is a good idea that gets to the heart of what most discussions about revamping privileges land on: assigning privileges based directly on site use/experience, rather than indirectly via ...
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Why does the SEDE ReviewTaskResults table not include user data, which is all public anyway?

This was answered by Jon Ericson in a comment to this question: We've taken a very cautious approach to releasing potentially private data. When it comes to SEDE, I'm always a little worried that ...
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