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The Community user is the creator of the tag in that scenario. It looks like those tag wiki edits are what's preventing your Q&A posts from landing in review. It's an easy fix, but I'm going to ask around if this is intended behavior or an oversight since I'm honestly not sure off the top of my head. Update: It was an oversight after all. Going forward, ...


Thank you for spotting this. This was indeed an unintended side-effect when introducing a new close reason for Teams. I didn't have in mind that our moderator tools consider all close reasons when showing filter options. Sorry for the confusion. The problem's fixed now and the second off-topic option is gone.


That's a bug due to Teams. As can be seen in this query, the second off topic reason is a new close reason meant for Teams: (If you'll view the filters source code you'll see the input ID is filter-closereason-201) So, this close reason should not appear on the regular Q&A sites.


This is also a problem for beta and non-designed sites, since their reputation levels are such that the close voting privilege is given out before the editing privilege (specifically, closing at 500 rep and editing at 1,000). While there is no option to review as "Edit" in the Close Votes queue if the reviewer has close voting privileges but not editing ...


@Servy is right, you cannot change your review. But, there's still a way to force the suggested edit itself to be rejected. You can navigate to the edit page of the post (<post id>/edit) and improve the post yourself - this will reject the pending edit as conflicting with yours. Of course, this should only be done if ...


The lack of waffles in timelines is their only flaw; I am convinced that Jarrod left waffles out intentionally, as an offering to the gods lest the perfection of his work mock them and call down their wrath upon us all. If you don't have access to review queues on a site, you won't see the outcome of reviews in the timeline. So you get to see how a review ...


In the recent design change the UI for the top bar is changed, and there is no review option available for the users who have less than 2k reputation. Screenshot from Area 51 Discussion Zone:


I think it's better to either close it or let the community handle it entirely on their own. Putting something in the close queue is pretty much the same hand-holding that you're concerned is having a bad effect on your community's independence from moderator intervention. If you see an issue with things not going into the queue that should, or a lack of ...

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