Theory of Moderation: Give people as much agency as you can. The people closest to the issues tend to be the ones that are best suited to make the best decisions. And we (moderators) even have option to disable close reasons ourselves. I don't even understand: why do we have to wait CM at all. Should we?


Okay. Reasons. English is the lingua franca in every field. Russian developers are no exception, and a lot of them know English, so the information provided by Hot Network Questions is interesting for them. Saying that most Russian developers don't know English is disrespectful. RuSO exists not only for noobs who write their first "Hello, World!" program. ...


The main reason Many websites experience an initial fast growth since the date of their creation. After that there might be a decline in activity which is very normal. The activity decreases because many questions have already been asked. The Q&A site enter into a different dynamics once they are filled with most of the basic questions. Other ...


The TagEngine across the network got angry and shutdown which resulted in the issue. We're still investigating why it shutdown, but as for now it's back up and running. Thanks for the report!


Yes, comments are covered by the content licence. You can see that by hovering your mouse (if you have one) over the timestamp that terminates them. That comments are intended to be transient is completely besides the point, especially considering that reposting them as questions literally makes them non-transient? Furthermore, all the content licences used ...


Looks like it's a notification generated by English Stack Overflow, otherwise it'd say "Добро пожаловать на сайт Stack Overflow на русском". Viewing the message on SOru is what drives the translation, but the notification itself points to the site that triggered it.


I'm doing a light refactor on profiles, and this is a good edge case I didn't find in testing. I'll get this fixed up soon!


The Story Let us complement the story a bit. The story below is how I recall it, I might miss something. So, please add nuances in the comments to make it really full, if you have anything to add, especially with links. The story starts from 2009 Stack Overflow in Russian has an interesting history, which began in 2009, when the first version of the ...


This has now been fixed. The extra space has been removed.


What was wrong with initial version of question and why is was unacceptable? Reading the original version of the question, it appears in all ways to be a bad faith post. It claims to be asking about whether this policy applies to Ru.SO, but as-written it shows no indication about misunderstanding the policy, and makes absolutely no arguments about why this ...


The main problems with this edit: It completely changed initial meaning. Author of these edits and rollbacks violated rules (contradicts author's intent/vandalism). Author of these edits removed lock (which was supposed to prevent edit wars) and started edit wars. If we assume that employees may not follow their own rules, everything is ok... And few ...


This is fixed now: But there is another issue with local date format related to Date format in reputation graph should use national standards.

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