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I'd say the correct site is Game Development. Arqade doesn't accept programming oriented questions.


microsoft-powerpoint ( ) returns 1250 questions. But it's very likely that asking for best practices or the format of writing one will be off-topic. Anyway the tag excerpt doesn't help Commercial software presentation program included in all editions of the Microsoft Office suite. microsoft-powerpoint (https://graphicdesign....


I think that can fit on Retrocomputing: Questions are most welcomed on ... computing history and persons with a historic relation to computing. They have a special tag for it as well to go in such questions: history.


Judging by your question, you are asking about computer architecture. So the best site to ask about that would be SuperUser. A site for questions about: computer hardware computer software personal and home computer networking If it's similar to that but not quite (like Corporate Networking or commercial Electrical Engineering issues): SuperUser also has a ...

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